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Stella McGregor is a well respected writer in the adult industry, and has gained a fine reputation during her time working for Escort Advertising. Since she has joined the company, her work has specialised in fun things such as sex tips, as well as serious stuff like sexual health and sex workers rights. She also likes to bring her readers amusing adult stories from around the globe. When she is not putting a smile on men and women's faces with her fantastic work, Stella is a sporty girl who is into running, yoga, and individual events. She also likes surfing the web to relax.

How To Make A Woman Squirt

Porn movies have built part of our sex fantasies. You may want to know what it feels like when taking part in a threesome, or maybe you want to know how to make women shiver with pleasure as porn stars do. However, you need to know that there is a gap between movies and reality, and when it comes to squirting, we need to wonder if all women can ejaculate like porn stars. Continue reading How To Make A Woman Squirt

Why Threesomes Are Better With Escorts

When it comes to sex, there is a place for two, but also for three people. Threesomes are common fantasies for single people and for those who have a partner. In fact, it is general belief that all men want to have this experience at least once in their life, contrary to women. However, numbers don’t show this. Continue reading Why Threesomes Are Better With Escorts

What are the Best Sex Positions to Lose Weight?

Everybody will agree that sex is a kind of exercise, maybe the most desirable one for all of us. In fact, the advantages of having sex are very similar to sports activities: your immune system is enhanced, so you barely get sick. Also, sex reduces anxiety and stress, wherewith it is great to start or end the day with sexual activities to be always with a smile on your face. Continue reading What are the Best Sex Positions to Lose Weight?

Safe Sex – How To Perform it With Escorts

The Internet is full of people who tell their experiences about everything. When it comes to dating with an escort, there is a recurring question from people who are worried about their health: how to practice safe sex with them? The next lines are for those who are looking for dating with escorts in the safest way. Continue reading Safe Sex – How To Perform it With Escorts

How To Do a Striptease

Doing a striptease is when you take off your clothes while you are moving sensually. It may be one of the best ways to start the foreplay, but some people think that doing a striptease is a kind of art. You may think that you need to know how to move your body in a sultry manner or how to do a suggestive dance, but these things aren’t something really needed, and I want to explain to you why. Continue reading How To Do a Striptease

The Ultimate Guide To Kissing Your Partner

A kiss could be the beginning of something great. It could be the starting point of the hottest night, or maybe, the seed of a deep romance. Whatever it would be, when you kiss, you are giving the first impression to your partner, and as everybody knows, the first tastes are difficult to change. That is one of the reasons which explain why it’s important to know how to kiss, especially so close to Valentine’s Day, but nobody shows us how to do it. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide To Kissing Your Partner