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Horny Scotland: The Best Places For Sex!

It doesn’t seem that long since people started talking about Universities around Europe and which were the horniest. They wanted us to know which of the University cities was the horniest of them all, and in the top ten for the UK, Edinburgh placed 4th while Glasgow placed 6th. According to the website “Shag at Uni”, Edinburgh is the best place for sex if you are interested in exploring horny Scotland. However, we don’t want to just trust what someone else says, especially as their data all comes from University students. Continue reading Horny Scotland: The Best Places For Sex!

An Aberdeen Escort – How I Became One

Woman in white bra leans forward on bed

Let me tell you how I managed to get into the world of escorting. I was working in a dead end horrible job in Aberdeen. I had gotten the job, despite going against five other hopeful employees. They were all like me, just out of university, with no idea what to do with their lives, a degree in business that was deemed useless without experience and a mounting bill of student debt hanging over their heads. Continue reading An Aberdeen Escort – How I Became One

Why Not To Get Drunk Before You See An Escort!

We’ve all heard of the wonders of ‘Dutch courage’ alluding to the concept that having a few inside you will give you a confidence boost. Of course, in social situations is when alcohol is most used to calm nerves, so it is no surprise that many men think they should visit an escort after having a few drinks. We analyse why this may just be the drink speaking and in-fact, it is actually a terrible idea! Continue reading Why Not To Get Drunk Before You See An Escort!

Why Do Men See Escorts?

Are they appreciators of sensual and beautiful women, free and liberated individuals who can do exactly as they want or are men who see escorts perverted and regularly objectify women? With the help of escort users and escort’s input, I look into what makes these men tick and delve into the reasons why so many men may get a kick out of seeing escorts. Continue reading Why Do Men See Escorts?

Man Admits To Having Sex With 100 Corpses!

Here at Escort Scotland, we understand that people have different kins of fantasies. Not everyone is into the usual sex escapades like role play, or having a threesome. However, there are certain fantasies that we really don’t understand, and necrophilia, (having sex with dead people) is near the top of that list. Continue reading Man Admits To Having Sex With 100 Corpses!

The Craziest Video Message Ever! (Video)

Here at Escort Scotland there are a number of hot young escorts who offer there services for men and women everywhere. Our website is truly where people come to find the sexiest men and women in the whole of Scotland. However, I never visualised someone like this not only sending videos of themselves to people worldwide, but being a massive success in the process. Continue reading The Craziest Video Message Ever! (Video)