The Ultimate Guide To Kissing Your Partner

A kiss could be the beginning of something great. It could be the starting point of the hottest night, or maybe, the seed of a deep romance. Whatever it would be, when you kiss, you are giving the first impression to your partner, and as everybody knows, the first tastes are difficult to change. That is one of the reasons which explain why it’s important to know how to kiss, especially so close to Valentine’s Day, but nobody shows us how to do it.

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The fact is that there aren’t rules, and each person has their own preferences about kissing. Hence, the best thing you could do to become a good kisser is to discover which things your partner likes in the art of kissing. However, most people don’t ask about favorites before kissing, and it will be more exciting when you don’t know anything about the person who you are about to kiss. Until that moment arrives, you should have clear some steps which I’m going to explain you so you can become an expert this Valentine’s Day.

Take time to prepare yourself

Part of the success resides in the time you spend preparing yourself before your meeting. If you have a date with a sexy woman or with the guy who turns you on, then you may hope to get closer to that person for kissing her or him. So, make sure you wash your teeth deeply, and add some freshening to your breath with mouthwash or breath mints, as an essential way to awake your partner’s desires for kissing you.

If you are going to dinner at your meeting, it’s also recommended to not eat food with strong flavors, like onion or garlic. It may feel uncomfortable to your partner, and also, it could ruin the kissing moment.

Leading the way for kissing

You should bear in mind that you can’t give a good kiss while you are doing something. That’s why the kissing moment usually arrives when both of you are relaxed, and you have all your attention on the other person. This could be after a dinner or a walk, but it’s important to look for the right place, where you have some privacy, and away from from the eyes of strangers.

A strategy without risk is sitting beside your partner and starting to touch her hand. Look at her reaction, if she takes it off, she may not want to go further, instead if she lets you caress her hand, then you can take the next step.

What to do in the seconds before a kiss

Once the atmosphere is already created, the vital moment arrives. Most people worry about the seconds before kissing and it’s not surprising. The fear of being refused could emerge, so you have to keep calm all the time unless you want her to notice that you are becoming nervous. Also, it’s good to remember that it’s not the end of the world if she doesn’t kiss you back. It could be for many reasons, like she may not feel prepared. Independently of her decision, showing confidence will give you points.

As I was saying, in the moments before kissing, you could start to look at her eyes and mouth, this will give her clues about what you want from her, and who knows, maybe she takes you the rest of the way.

Play with your hands while you are kissing

Your mouths have met and from now, sensations are everything. Kissing is something very intuitive and the pace is usually set by the sensations. In the first moments, it’s recommended to use only your lips for kissing and save your tongue for later. French kissing (when you kiss with tongue) has a sexual connotation, and maybe you should heat things up beforehand.

Remember that kisses shouldn’t be monotonous. If you want to have a hot kiss for Valentine’s Day, you need to mix things up. After the first minutes of kissing, you will know if your partner is liking your kiss. So, in that moment, you can take a step forward, and start to use your hands to caress her. Discover her body with both of your hands, start with her neck, go down to her back, her hips, and then look if she doesn’t mind if you caress her butt. This could the preamble of the hottest part of the night.

Well, this kissing guide shows one way of many ways you can become an expert kisser! You may have your own tactics, and if you do, you can share them with us by writing in the comment box below, we will be pleased to know more about kissing!

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