Scotland’s Perfect Escort | A breakdown of Escort-Scotland’s top searches

As far as male fantasies go, women like to think they have them pretty well figured out and there is little to no nuance in what men are really into. Most women believe that what turns men on is the kind of body type you used to always see in porn and across popular media, blonde with big boobs, lips and ass…but is that really what men want? And even more importantly, is that the kind of escort, Scottish men look for?

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How to Avoid Escort Scams

When looking to book an escort service, it’s very easy to lose sight of what’s important and focus on the wrong thing – and it’s easy to understand why. It’s like when you go to McDonald’s right? Deep down you know it’s not healthy and the calorie and nutritional facts are right there on the packaging, but it’s so easy to ignore the warning signs when the Big Mac tastes just so damn good.

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Match Your Penis With These Sex Positions

Guys, I’m gonna say this from the bottom of my heart and ovaries – I love penis. I love penises, and I love them in all shapes and sizes. I don’t care what you all are already thinking about after reading that statement; it’s not the size that matters but the way you use it.

Therefore, if you’re a man reading this blog concealing to others that you may have a micro penis, it’s still lovable and usable.

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Discovering My Gay Sexuality

It always starts small. Saying you like red wine when you actually like white, telling new friends that you love their favourite band, when you’ve really never heard of them. Or my favourite one: talking about crushing it at the gym when you spent the entire night in playing video games. We do it to fit in, to feel a part of something.

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Lingerie | For Sexy Naughty Men

We hear a lot about women’s lingerie, everywhere we go. It plasters large billboards and high-fashion catwalks, and little time is spared for men’s underwear. This not only means that many men struggle to know exactly where to find lingerie to suit them, but that men wearing lingerie becomes far more taboo than it should be.

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Lesbians Sex | Most Used Sex Positions

When it comes to getting inspired for your next steamy session, straight couples tend to have an easy time of finding positions that are tailored to them. One click on the internet, one quick read of a blog post- the advice is everywhere, now here you can find some of the most used positions por lesbians sex.

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