How Massages Help To Relieve Stress

Massages may be the most ancient therapeutic method which is known. Touching, caressing and rubbing are automated actions that you may do lots of times with your body. When you feel pain, you would massage the part of your body which is aching you.

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No matter your age or your occupation, massages are good for everybody. There is plenty of proof which show that massages enhance physical condition and mental state. However, this time we are going to focus on why massages are important for escorts as they help to relieve stress.

Stress, an intrinsic factor in escorts’ job

Stress is a natural physiological human being’s response. When you experience a stress situation, your body prepares itself to face the new circumstance. So, stress can appear in all kinds of situations, but work stress is one of the most common areas nowadays. It appears because of high demands of your environment, so it affects workers in several ways.

According to this report of The Health and Safety Executive of the United Kingdom, jobs such as healthcare workers, media and public service professionals show higher levels of stress as compared to all jobs. Moreover, in recent years, women of all ages had a statistically higher rate than males, and female workers are a characteristic of the escort industry.

Generally, people expect that those who work with the public should do a good job and be friendly. But those workers may experience stressful situations with some clients, which can reduce their productivity, quality of life and health.

If we look for the mental health cases which were reported in the HSE’s report, factors intrinsic to the job represent the predominant factor over the rest such as changes at work, interpersonal relationships or personal development.

Unfortunately, there are not specific reports about stress among sex workers, but this information shows clues about the type of workers who suffer stress at work: women with jobs with the public.

The Effects of Massages On Mental Health

Probably, you already know that a massage would make you feel better at any time, regardless of your level of stress in your work or even in your personal life. It may be difficult to refuse a massage, whether it is performed by a massage therapist, or by a partner.

However, despite knowing that you might feel like a new person after a massage, you may think that it is a luxury thing, and not a question of health. You may not have enough reasons to look for massages sessions which help you to deal with stress. So, you are going to know more by learning the effects of massage on your mind.

Decreasing levels of cortisol: you may have heard before about this hormone, as it is also known as the hormone of stress. It regulates the immune system, the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbs, as well as the levels of sugar in the blood. Having a high level cortisol is not good, as you may feel irritated or depressed. You also may experience sleep problems, as well as other factors. It is proven that therapeutic massages help to reduce cortisol levels.

Increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine: both of them are neurotransmitters, which means that they are important to brain function. With respect to mental health, these neurotransmitters regulate mood, motivation, attention and learning capacity. If your levels of serotonin and dopamine are not low, you might feel motivated when performing your work, and also you might be more productive.

Reducing migraine headaches: migraine is the third most common disease in the world. It is estimated that the United Kingdom population loses 25 million days from work each year because of migraines. So, if you suffer from this disease, you just need two sessions per week of massage therapy (thirty minutes each one) during five weeks to see results in these headaches.

Mental health is defined by your personal balance and your connection with the social environment. It is recommended to take care of this part of your health as it affects your work environment, a good (or not) job performance, and your private life. There are plenty of resources which may help you to relieve stress, and one of them consists in lying down a massage table, and letting someone give you a massage, don’t you think so? Let us know your opinion by voting your answer in the poll below!

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