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While many people find this quite strange, the domination service is getting more and more popular in Scotland and all over the world.

Our directory gathered an interesting mixture of domination escorts all over Scotland, waiting for you to give them a call. So, if you are ready to be put in your place be a hot, gorgeous dominatrix, you are in the right place.

Remember that your meeting with a Scottish domination escort can be exactly how you want it. You can stop at bondage, or go further and have a more hardcore experience.

Whatever you choose, the dominatrix won't cross the established line. Yes, you can set boundaries, choose a safeword and then leave yourself in the hands of the experienced dominatrix escort!

Best Escorts

Welcome to the best escort directory in Scotland. Here, you will meet ladies from all over the world who came to Scotland in order to work as escorts. There are a variety of sexy service workers you can choose from, depending on what are your fantasies and fetishes.

So, if you are you interested in TV, TS's, Male, Female, Couple or Duo escorts, our escort directory has them all! In order to find the one who is compatible with your deepest desires, just begin browsing escorts by their favourite fetishes!


Our website also offers you the chance to talk with other punters who share similar interests, who like the same escorts as you do, and who you can ask questions, as well as get advice from. All you have to do is join our online escort community.

Once you are a member, you can join all kinds of interesting conversations and even get in touch with your favourite escorts. The best of them are active members of our community!


Our escort directory covers a large part of Scotland, showing you all the escorts available in Glasgow, Edinburgh escorts , Dundee escorts , Aberdeen escorts, as well as all those in between. And the interesting part is that many of them travel from one city to another.

So, even though your favourite escort seems too far from where you are right now, you can check out where she travels next, and if she is close to your location, just easily give her a call and set up a sexy encounter.


Since ancient times, people used massage as a way of satisfying the sexual desires of humanity, as well as a manner of connecting both physically and spiritually with each other.

In our escort directory, you can also find amazing massage specialists, who know how to touch and rub your passion points in order to offer you immense pleasure.

If you want to see the list of masseuses who advertise their services on our website, just go to the Massage section and check out their profiles, what kind of massage they offer and choose one according to your needs. You can find everything from Swedish Massage to more sensual massages, like Nuru, and all you have to do is decide which one is suitable for you.


No two people can have an identical experience with the same escort, but all of you deserve to know more details about your future date. Even though you may learn what she likes and what she is happy to offer you, the most valuable information comes from people who actually met her.

This is why our escorts reviews are immensely helpful for all clients who want to check if the escorts they are interested in are on the same page with them. So, before dialling her number, check out the reviews given by her former clients.

At the same time, keep in mind that some escorts might be fantastic at their job, but they are new in Scotland and they lack reviews. If you write the first review, there is a chance you'll get a more exclusive treat on your second rendezvous!

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