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Some people may think that a “golden shower” could mean winning the lottery or a big amount of money. Well, despite the name, it hasn’t anything to do with cash, but if you find someone who wants to practice watersports, you may feel like you have won something extraordinary.

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In the wonderful sex world, pissing, golden showers, piss play, urine play or watersports involve the same practice. There are different levels for pissing, it can goes from smelling their urine to drinking it while they are having sex. Anyway, the most common is when one person pees on another or is being peed on by another.

For many people, this practice could sound strange or shocking. However, once you know how to enjoy watersports, you will see that there are a lot of reasons why people make wet dreams become true.

Why bathing your partner in gold

According to Pornhub, last January, the searches related to watersports increased almost by 300% than the usual average. The reason was an alleged report which went public and said that President Trump had a “golden shower” party and hired an escort service (1). Of course, President Trump denied everything, and it doesn’t surprise us because watersports are considered as a taboo.

Taboos turn us on, and life is too short to stop enjoying naughty and dirty practices. In the case of golden showers, there are people who get excited when they see their partner peeing, and think about it: something very normal could make your partner cum instantly. Isn’t it a kind of sex superpower?

If you are the person who wants to pee on your partner, or you love to be peed on, practicing watersports will take you to a great level of intimacy for both of you.

There is also another point in support of piss playing. Your orgasms will be more intense as you hold your urine. That’s why people who practice watersports wait to pee until they reach the climax, and in that moment they open the stream for their partner.

Apart from this, pissing is involved in BDSM and humiliation plays. It’s a way to demonstrate to the submissive who owns him or her.

What you need to know before dipping your toes into urine

You may think that golden showers are not a safe sex practice. Well, it is safer compared to some others practices, where you have direct contact with semen, blood or vaginal fluid unless you use a condom. Although condoms are always a good choice, they don’t make sense in watersports, that’s why it’s highly recommended that you and your partner check if there isn’t something contagious in your urine, like chlamydia, gonorrhea or Hepatitis B.

Once you have excluded these kind of diseases, you should know that the urine of the middle stream is free of pathogens. So, to avoid any bacteria transmission, it’s better to start the piss play at the middle of the stream and not at the beginning of it.

Bear in mind that if you are going to drink the urine, the risks will increase. If your partner consumes any type of medication, drugs or diet complements, you will take them too. So, it’s better that both of you talk about it before you get into the piss play.

Also, it’s inadvisable to drink urine if you suspect that you could be dehydrated after. With the urine, we throw out mineral substances like salt. That’s why it’s a good idea to drink a lot of water before the practice, which will help you to enhance the experience.

How to have an awesome first watersports experienced

Now that we went over the serious part of golden showers, let’s see how you can prepare yourself for the first time. As I said before, you have to talk to your partner about the idea of seeing her peeing. Through her reactions, you will see if you were blessed with a partner who wants to participate in a piss play. If you are not that lucky, well, you can always search for the person you need out there.

In the case she is ready to get into watersports, you can start watching peeing at the toilet. She could do it while wearing a nice lingerie, and doing some suggestive postures. If this turns both of you on, then you can come into the shower bath. This is the best place for piss playing because it’s the easiest way to clean up everything after the experience.

Once you are in the bath, ask your partner to pee while you are putting your hand under the stream. Feel the warm sensation, look at her eyes, this could be very exciting for you and for her, as she is watching how you are becoming more and more randy.

In the next step, if you have a big bath, you could lie down on it and ask her to pee over your stomach, or another part of your body. Don’t be afraid to be naughty, if you see that she is enjoying the golden shower with you, then there isn’t any reason to stop.

Variety is the key for sex success. Piss playing doesn’t always happen in the bathroom. If watersports are part of your sex routine, you could look for some plastic sheets to put them under you, or you could buy an inflatable wrestling ring which is especially designed for this practice. There are a range of accessories for urine playing, so you have a lot of chances to light the spark with your partner. Finally, remember that if you don’t have anyone to practice golden showers, you could always look for the perfect company on our website.

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