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Horny Scotland: The Best Places For Sex!

It doesn’t seem that long since people started talking about Universities around Europe and which were the horniest. They wanted us to know which of the University cities was the horniest of them all, and in the top ten for the UK, Edinburgh placed 4th while Glasgow placed 6th. According to the website “Shag at Uni”, Edinburgh is the best place for sex if you are interested in exploring horny Scotland. However, we don’t want to just trust what someone else says, especially as their data all comes from University students. Continue reading Horny Scotland: The Best Places For Sex!

Why Seeing An Escort At Christmas Rocks

We all know men like escorts but the reasons for their preferences is another discussion. The truth is that there is nothing to beat this statement. And to be honest, we have to admit that, though not as often as men, even women began seeing sexy service workers such as an escort. Continue reading Why Seeing An Escort At Christmas Rocks

Viagra Is Now Not Just For Men!

When you hear about Viagra you think about the little blue pill that can do wonders to a man’s sex life when used properly. Well, now there is a new “female Viagra” that could do the same for women, and this week it seems that the Food and Drug Administration will be deciding what to do with this miracle drug. Continue reading Viagra Is Now Not Just For Men!

5 Public Sex Confessions

Public sex is a phenomenon that has been on the tip of many people’s tongues – ever since the cave man took his woman in the bushes instead of his cave one day! In other words – it’s a common fantasy that many admit to indulging in once and a while. Listen to our confessionals from 5 different couples, having sex outside has never been so hot! Continue reading 5 Public Sex Confessions

How To Use Food In The Bedroom

We’ve all done it at some point. We’ve heard people talk about taking food into the bedroom, and as exciting as it sounds it can be difficult to find the right foods and how to incorporate them into your bedroom activities. Here at Escort Scotland we’ve put together this guide to help you keep it fun and clean when using food. Continue reading How To Use Food In The Bedroom

The Mechanical ‘Sperm Collector’

We all know the routine for donating semen. You rock up to then sperm bank, they give you a dirty magazine, you jerk off and then give them the sample. It is quite inpersonal, and probably rather embarrassing for anyone participating. However, a Chinese company have maybe revolutionised the way the procedure occurs. Continue reading The Mechanical ‘Sperm Collector’