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How To Make A Woman Squirt

Porn movies have built part of our sex fantasies. You may want to know what it feels like when taking part in a threesome, or maybe you want to know how to make women shiver with pleasure as porn stars do. However, you need to know that there is a gap between movies and reality, and when it comes to squirting, we need to wonder if all women can ejaculate like porn stars. Continue reading How To Make A Woman Squirt

How Do You Make Someone Squirt?

Porn likes to exaggerate what sex is really like. Every cock is bigger and each erection lasts longer. Every woman has a slimmer figure with bigger boobs. Every man is a stud. Sex easily lasts for half an hour with no sign of slowing down, and every person receiving a pizza delivery conveniently forgets their 9 inch Hawaiian in favour of the delivery man. Continue reading How Do You Make Someone Squirt?

How to Make a Woman Squirt!

No news is good news, many of you say. But what if I told you that when you try hard, you can make your girl shiver while having an intense climax and ejaculate all over you? I bet that’s a great news, but WHAT does that mean and HOW exactly does it work? Well, that’s squirting and today is your lucky day because you’ll learn how to do it. Continue reading How to Make a Woman Squirt!