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Martin Ward is a well respected editor and writer with over five years experience in the adult industry. After stints in the Escort Advertising call centre and on the escort forum, he moved into the site editor position around three years ago.

Since then, he has specialised in articles on the battle for equal rights for sex workers, sexual health, as well as bringing the readers fun news from around the world. He also has a major interest in LGBT rights, and is an active campaigner in this field.

When he isn’t fighting the good fight, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, and young daughter. He also enjoys reading and taking long walks.

Man Exposed Seeing Escorts After Pocket Dialling Partner

Here at Escort Scotland we give punters plenty of tips on how not to get caught seeing escorts. Doing it away from home, using a different phone, these are just two titbits which will help you keep your personal and escort life separate. However, we never mentioned being careful not to pocket dial your partner so she can hear you in action as it seemed too obvious. Still, this is exactly what this guy did, with obvious results. Continue reading Man Exposed Seeing Escorts After Pocket Dialling Partner

Why Do People Become Escorts?

I have to say, when I joined this company five years ago, I was seriously ignorant about the realities of the industry. I had this pre-conception that people chose to be sex workers because they didn’t really have that many options. They were foreigners who needed to have a job to live over here, or undereducated natives who believed that sex work was better than starving. This was something that was drilled into me by the media, but I quickly realised that that narrative was complete and utter bollocks. Continue reading Why Do People Become Escorts?

What is it Like To Actually Date a Sex Worker?

Everyone knows that we respect sex workers here at Escort Scotland. It is one of the reasons we are the home of escorting in Scotland. Whatever we can do to help our advertisers we will. That is mainly because we remember that they are actually people with real lives and worries. Continue reading What is it Like To Actually Date a Sex Worker?

Do Escorts Really Enjoy The Sex?

Clients love sex workers. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a sex industry. The question for many remains though, do the actual escorts enjoy the sex? For a number of people, this is important as if they really don’t want to be there, then that raises serious issues of the morality of the practice, and in certain scenarios, consent itself. Continue reading Do Escorts Really Enjoy The Sex?

Is it Moral To See Escorts?

It is a question which us in the sex industry have to deal with on a daily basis. Is it morally acceptable to see escorts for sex? It is something that those in the anti-sex work lobby like to focus on, claiming it is repugnant, and pushing for buying sex to be made illegal. But really, what is the truth about morality and paying to see escorts? Continue reading Is it Moral To See Escorts?