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Five Tips To Make Semen Taste Good

It may have come from the porn industry, but in recent years it seems more and more men want to cum in a woman’s mouth. However, as with most things, porn doesn’t give a realistic view of what sex is really like. If you just take your penis out of a woman’s pussy and head straight to her mouth, in most cases the woman will be VERY unhappy. So that begs the question, do women actually like the taste of semen? Continue reading Five Tips To Make Semen Taste Good

13 Signs You Have High Quality Semen

While a guys semen may look a lot like liquid pearls right off the bat, it’s also the recipe for creation, and that cream of sum yung guy is full of swimmers. Mostly when a dude goes to pound town, he isn’t going in with the intention of creating a dynasty, even if that’s the baby gravy’s goal. Dude just wants to man blast that jerk sauce into face paint, but that doesn’t mean that dude shouldn’t care about the health of his dick spit. Yet, how does dude know if everything is all good in the hood? Real talk, how does he know if the swimmers in his splooge are paddling up to par? Continue reading 13 Signs You Have High Quality Semen

The Mechanical ‘Sperm Collector’

We all know the routine for donating semen. You rock up to then sperm bank, they give you a dirty magazine, you jerk off and then give them the sample. It is quite inpersonal, and probably rather embarrassing for anyone participating. However, a Chinese company have maybe revolutionised the way the procedure occurs. Continue reading The Mechanical ‘Sperm Collector’