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Anna Smith entered the adult industry in 2015. From that moment on, she has become one of the foremost writers around, using her sex industry expertise to bring her readers many fun and fact filled articles. She is most well known for her sex advice pieces, yet also has a major interest in sexual health and other serious issues. However, this is all done with a quirky style that is unmistakably hers. When she isn't working, Anna is a fitness fanatic, and enjoys going away with her partner for various weekend trips.

“The Girlfriend Experience” Shows Escorting As It Is

The new TV show “The Girlfriend Experience” created frenzy among people all over the world. An amalgam of reviews, opposite opinions, applauds, and critics followed the first episode of this new TV series. We have to agree that, though this is far from being the first TV series that has escorting as the main subject, it does offer a different point of view. Continue reading “The Girlfriend Experience” Shows Escorting As It Is

What Do Porn Stars Masturbate To? (Video)

From being considered a sin and the reason for a bunch of diseases, masturbation is now in most places of the world considered good for releasing stress and tension. Fortunately, most people stopped feeling ashamed of their naughty hand play and admit that they play with their private areas. And what the majority of people masturbate to? Porn, of course! Continue reading What Do Porn Stars Masturbate To? (Video)