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Lara Mills is a writer who has four years of sex industry expertise behind her. Since she entered the adult industry, she has worked on the Escort Advertising forums, before moving into her current role three years ago. Since then she has gained a fine reputation with her blogs on sex advice, sexual health and amusing news stories from around the globe. She is also a campaigner for the rights of sex workers from all over the world. In her spare time, Lara keeps herself active by going running, and is something of a film buff. She also loves to go travelling.

4 Of The Best MFF Threesome Sex Positions

A threesome is a dream for many people. It is a fantasy we would love to explore, and so finding a willing partner feels like we’ve hit the jackpot. We can’t wait to get started. We’ll start discussing potentials to join us for some fun, and then comes to the scary part – the threesome itself. Continue reading 4 Of The Best MFF Threesome Sex Positions

Save Pandas, Make Your Own Porn!

We all like to do our bit for the environment and to help animals all over the world. Most of the time we take a pretty passive role in it. We might watch documentaries about the animals and think “that’s a shame”, or we might donate some money to the charity box when we see it. However, you can now take a more active role by helping to save pandas in a pretty unusual way. Continue reading Save Pandas, Make Your Own Porn!

How Do You Make Someone Squirt?

Porn likes to exaggerate what sex is really like. Every cock is bigger and each erection lasts longer. Every woman has a slimmer figure with bigger boobs. Every man is a stud. Sex easily lasts for half an hour with no sign of slowing down, and every person receiving a pizza delivery conveniently forgets their 9 inch Hawaiian in favour of the delivery man. Continue reading How Do You Make Someone Squirt?

4 Tips For The Best Morning Sex Of Your Life!

For most people they’ll jump into bed in the evening. It might be when they get home from work as away to get rid of some stress, or perhaps it is after that late-night session at the gym? Maybe you’ve laid down next to your partner and found that you can’t resist them. Well it seems that the best time for you to have sex might actually be in the morning. Continue reading 4 Tips For The Best Morning Sex Of Your Life!

Smart Sex: Is Technology Ruining Sex?

Technology is with us everywhere. Most of us cannot go for even an hour without checking our phone, and this constant need to be in touch with the world means that we have started using technology in other areas of life. Instead of using it to simply keep in touch with friends, we’ll use it in the bedroom. We want to make sex better using technology, and so we have started having smart sex. Continue reading Smart Sex: Is Technology Ruining Sex?

Spicing Up Sex Without BDSM

Sex stalling is a problem that many people encounter. The problem is the different solutions offered to help fix it. A lot of the time people instantly jump to BDSM. They suggest that tying your partner up and enjoying a little spanking could add the injection of excitement to your sex life again. But not everyone is into BDSM. Most people aren’t ready to try it, so what alternatives do you have when it comes to spicing up sex without BDSM? Continue reading Spicing Up Sex Without BDSM

Jerking Off Instructions: What’s The Big Deal?

Masturbating can get boring after a while. You’ll watch the same types of porn videos over and over again without seeing a real difference. The same things will happen each time, and you’ll find that predicting your porn makes jerking off to it a lot less interesting. You could try spicing things up by using a sex toy, but after a while even this can get boring. So what can you do? Well, for some people the answer is simple. They use jerking off instructions. Continue reading Jerking Off Instructions: What’s The Big Deal?

4 Ways You Can Up Your Oral Game

For a lot of women, oral sex is something we dread. We love the idea of it, but as soon as you get someone lacking experience in charge, it makes it just feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. It can be a hell of a turn on when a talented tongue hits your clit, but the rest of the time we are left wishing we could just be alone with our hand for some fun. Continue reading 4 Ways You Can Up Your Oral Game

5 Weird And Wonderful Sex Positions!

When sex gets a little bit boring and repetitive there are some things you can do to inject a bit of excitement into the bedroom. There are so many different things that you can do to achieve this. You might decide to introduce BDSM to the bedroom, or you might decide to try some new sex positions. Continue reading 5 Weird And Wonderful Sex Positions!