The Mechanical ‘Sperm Collector’

We all know the routine for donating semen. You rock up to then sperm bank, they give you a dirty magazine, you jerk off and then give them the sample. It is quite inpersonal, and probably rather embarrassing for anyone participating. However, a Chinese company have maybe revolutionised the way the procedure occurs.

The ‘Massage Pipe’

They have created a massage pipe, which eliminates the need for the guy to pleasure himself by doing the job for him.

Zhengzhou Central Hospital have created a pink, grey and white machine which uses stimulation such as porn and the aforementioned ‘massage pipe’ that mimics a vagina.

The collector is fully height adjustable, and users can control speed, frequency and temperature.

The Future Of Sperm Collection?

If you are interested in purchasing one, these collectors cost $2,800 – £1,666 – from Sanwe Medical Equipment.OK, it looks quite interesting, but I certainly won’t be buying one for personal use. However, I can see quite a few sperm banks trying this one out.

Will it ever replace the company of an Edinburgh escort? I doubt it. Still I really think the ‘massage pipe’ has a real future!

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