How To Use Food In The Bedroom

We’ve all done it at some point. We’ve heard people talk about taking food into the bedroom, and as exciting as it sounds it can be difficult to find the right foods and how to incorporate them into your bedroom activities. Here at Escort Scotland we’ve put together this guide to help you keep it fun and clean when using food.

Small and sweet

As delicious as a steak may be, taking it into the bedroom is the wrong thing to do. That may sound pretty obvious, but if you’re taking food into the bedroom, keep it small and bite-sized. It is also advisable to keep it sweet and refreshing, as being bloated isn’t a sexy feeling.
Sliced avocado

Don’t use food on genitals

Ice is fine to play around with, but other foods could cause skin irritation or even infection, so you are best to keep them away from private areas. You can still use them on the body, but to avoid difficulties we recommend keeping it above the waist. Try eating some off their chest, or licking from their fingers.

Good and bad foods

Fruit can be great in the bedroom, especially berries that are small enough for you to feed to your partner without making a mess. Some fruits might need a little preparation beforehand, but things like strawberries and raspberries will just need a wash. Whipped cream can also be good, but come prepared with wipes or tissues to mop up the mess. While some syrup can be fun, use it sparingly. The sticky nature can be more of a hindrance.

Cleaning up

After the fun, make sure you clean up properly. If you have been prepared, you’ll have plenty of napkins to get rid of the major issues, but you will still need a rub down. Take your partner into the shower and help to clean each other by rubbing at their body. You can continue the fun in the shower while getting rid of any mess from the food.

If you have some ideas about what food to use but aren’t sure, seek help. I asked one of the Edinburgh escorts who suggested an ice pop or popsicle might be great for a change with my partner. It worked really well, and I hope you have as much fun as I did.

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