Why Do Men See Escorts?

Are they appreciators of sensual and beautiful women, free and liberated individuals who can do exactly as they want or are men who see escorts perverted and regularly objectify women? With the help of escort users and escort’s input, I look into what makes these men tick and delve into the reasons why so many men may get a kick out of seeing escorts.

Escorts are an easy service

Let’s face it, for men who are powerful, rich and used to getting exactly what they want, an escort is the ultimate quick fix service for any high-flyer. A woman in the man’s intimate circle may not always be available, but any man can call an escort and book her at his own leisure and convenience. This may not always be sexual, and sex often only provides a welcome bonus. A man might enjoy booking a beautiful woman to accompany him to a work event, or he may have had a stressful work day and want to relax with female company. Escorts are easy to find, easy to arrange and can make a man feel empowered and liberated.

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No time for a girlfriend

Many men, who have the money to pay for an escort work so hard that their social and dating life is relatively non-existent, an escort is the perfect solution. Some are doctors, lawyers, business owners and have no time to date a women or give her the attention she requires. A client can stroll in from work at midnight and book an escort at his own convenience. The age old story of men falling in love with their escorts are often true, because sometimes these men are so focused on their careers, that dating in the conventional way is near impossible. However escorts are there for them at any time and their whole career is focused on giving pleasure and attention. I have heard hundreds of stories of men who book escorts in the end keeping an escort as a wife or girlfriend, showing that not all men who book escorts are solely sexually motivated.

Men who use escorts don’t want real commitment

This relates to some but not all men who book escorts. Some men have been divorced, have grown up kids or have experienced heartbreak and don’t want the pressure of a relationship. What an escort offers is unattached fun. A girlfriend or a wife can be emotionally draining and demanding, what an escort offers is a pre-agreed, easy exchangeable service which doesn’t require the man to give anything emotionally that he is not obliged to give. He simply gives his money and can walk away from the situation un-fussed by the obligatory post-dating rules which women seem to be experts at. When should I call? Was I a good date? Some may call this wanting to make a woman an object, but others may disagree that if the escort is consensual to this exchange, there is no real harm done.

Outlet for restrictive societies and cultures

For those who grew up in societies and religions where sex is kept closely restricted and taboo, an escort may be the only way to truly enjoy sex. Some men are put into arranged marriages and they may not be attracted to their spouse or even be in love enough to have sex. Booking an escort, however low on their actual list of desires, may be a matter of necessity, to be able to enjoy sexual and human interactive on a highly pleasurable level. Another thing to consider as well is escorts are looked at in some cultures as completely normal and so these men are just rein-acting what their society deems a completely normal part of sexuality.

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Men enjoy a variety of women

Some men believe that variety is the spice of life. Variety in the women they enjoy is what makes them feel alive. This can be for men who are married or have girlfriends as well, but believe if there are so many beautiful women out there, why should their desires be restricted? Some men also believe men are not naturally monogamist and actually, booking an escort is the kindest way to cheat on their wife, as it doesn’t involve any emotional ties. They may be right, but hopefully they are also practising safety physically as well.

Escorts can fulfil fantasies

Not all women are wanton sex kittens, some are not that interested in sex or may be a little vanilla in the bedroom. Some males have such strong intents to enact their fantasies, an escort may be the preferable choice. He may not be able to shake a certain fantasy in his mind or he may be scared to ask a woman he is involved with to coincide with his fantasy, an escort can act as a sub-world in which his deepest fantasies and desires are being realised.

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