Why Exactly Are Condoms the Best Contraception?

It is heard on the grapevine frequently that many couples constantly abhor the use of condoms? Some rally in and call them ‘passion killers’ in the bedroom. With all the new and dynamic contraception out there, condoms are being left to gather dust in the bathroom cabinet. We argue why classics are always best when it comes to contraception and why you need to dig them out from your bedside cupboard and jump on board.

They Prevent STIs

One of the biggest benefits of a condom is what they can protect you from. The chance of you catching an STI from the list of infections and diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes are all significantly guarded when you slip a johnny on. Condoms can also protect you against the big one – HIV. No other contraception out there offer you this protection. People who use condoms regularly are familiar with the peace of mind it gives you when it comes to this type of protection. It is always best to go for regular checks up at a GUM clinic as well, they also offer condoms for free to patients.

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High chance of Preventing Pregnancies

Condoms, like all contraption are not 100% accurate, condoms have a 98% effectiveness, with chances of splitting between 0.4% and 2.3%, while the rate of slippage is between 0.6% and 1.3%. Many condom users say that even though the chances are relatively the same with hormonal contraception, that at least you can examine the condom after having sex and make a decision about other options if you notice any spillage or leaking. There are also plenty of creams that can be used in conjunction with condoms such as spermacide cream, which increases the condom’s effectiveness.

They are Non-hormonal

There are plenty of other birth control options, but they are all hormonal. Women can have a whole host of side effects from hormonal birth control, from depression to headaches, weight gain and DVT risks. Condoms have no side effects on women at all, unless either of you have a latex allergy!

Makes Sure You Are in Charge

It may not be nice to admit that we can’t trust every person we come into contact with, even when it comes to contraception. She might be telling you she’s taking something for contraception, but she might not be. At least with a condom, you are in charge and have peace of mind that contraception is being used.

Make it fun

Some may suggest that condoms kill the mood, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can make putting on condoms part of the fun and foreplay. It’s only a mood dampener if you let it be, condoms can be part of the arousal routine before you have sex and will make it more enjoyable because you know you’re both being protected.

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Easy to Attain

Condoms aren’t just sold behind the counter at pharmacies anymore, the government wised up to the fact they should be widely available. You can find them in supermarkets, petrol stations, in toilets, drop-in centres and even corner shops. You can buy them online or you can visit clinics and get them for free. They are much more attainable, unlike other contraception where being given them can be a bit of a hoop-jumping process, condoms are everywhere and widely used and that in itself is a liberating thought.


Whoever heard of a cherry flavoured contraceptive pill? Nobody that’s who. Condoms have come a long way from the boring and grey apparition when they were born in Victorian times. There is so much variety now to switch up the mood in the bedroom and make them more enjoyable. There are extremely thin condoms, where it’s a feeling of wearing nothing, there are ribbed condoms, which women say gives them amazing sensation and increases orgasms. There are flavoured condoms and even glow in the dark condoms. There have even been limited edition condoms, some celebrities have even got on board and designed their own condoms, such as JLS!

Condoms are readily available and are the only contraception out there that is going to protect you from STIs, it’s also from a man’s point of view the only way to make sure you know contraception is being properly used. Get used to enjoying them more, because they are constantly improving and being customised, making them more pleasurable for you.

Remember, condoms are by far and way the best contraception around. This is why the Aberdeen escorts will not engage in any activity without them.

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