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Phone Sex Operator | The Day in the Life

In the ever-expanding sex industry, there are more and more kinds of services being offered than ever before, even occupations such as a phone sex operator. From webcam girls to escorts; Femdoms to online porn, people can satisfy all their sexual needs by accessing a service provider at the quick click of a button.

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The Day in the Life of an Escort on the Grind

We’ve all seen Secret Diary of a Call Girl. The saucy, in-depth look at how one escort lives her daily life. The en suite hotel rooms and infamous politicians; the razor-sharp heels and little black dresses. It was one of the first, unabashed shows to reveal insights into what it was truly like to be an escort. It’s a cult phenomenon, but how accurate is it?

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Erotic Stories – Italian Persuasion

Monday morning again and the smell of morning coffee is breezing through the office. Standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, wearing a short, but not too short, tight pencil skirt with skin coloured tights and a light, chiffon free-flowing blouse, I felt a sudden rush of Goosebumps. It was like someone was watching me. Continue reading Erotic Stories – Italian Persuasion