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An Aberdeen Escort – How I Became One

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Let me tell you how I managed to get into the world of escorting. I was working in a dead end horrible job in Aberdeen. I had gotten the job, despite going against five other hopeful employees. They were all like me, just out of university, with no idea what to do with their lives, a degree in business that was deemed useless without experience and a mounting bill of student debt hanging over their heads. Continue reading An Aberdeen Escort – How I Became One

The Escort Scotland Guide to the Aberdeen Escort Industry

The Aberdeen escort industry is one of the biggest growth industries in Scotland today. The growing number of men and women who have decided that this is their preferred line of work, is only matched by the number of clients who are rushing to their doors in the knowledge that they are going to get the companion of their dreams. Continue reading The Escort Scotland Guide to the Aberdeen Escort Industry

All About Aberdeen

There are several top cities in Scotland that people would want to visit if they are visiting this beautiful country. Scotland is one of the oldest countries in the world, and their culture is also one of the oldest. Throughout history, Scotland has commanded a very strong position in the United Kingdom. One of their major cities is Aberdeen, which ranks at number three on the list of most populous cities in Scotland. Continue reading All About Aberdeen