A Guide to Visiting Fife

A lot of people ask me where the best places to visit in Scotland are. Yes, many people have taken a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh, but sometimes people want to go somewhere that is a little bit off the main tourist path. Somewhere that maybe isn’t completely away from civilisation, but somewhere that not everyone is going to make a beeline to. Continue reading A Guide to Visiting Fife

Homosexuality in Rap and Hip Hop Music

Homosexuality in rap, hip-hop and Rn’B has always been a bit of a taboo subject. all genres have always been male dominated, and based on toughness and machismo. Think about it, could you really imagine Ice Cube in his NWA days, coming out as being gay? Of course not! Cube was too busy rapping about shooting people and ‘fucking the police’. Continue reading Homosexuality in Rap and Hip Hop Music

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