Six Things Every Guy Wants you to do in Bed

All us ladies know that the first time you have sex with a guy can be an ‘interesting’ experience. Most of us are wondering what he really wants us to do. This becomes even more important if we like the guy and don’t want it to be a one off experience.

Well, sex expert Tracey Cox is always willing to help us out. After speaking to a number of guys, Tracey has come up with six things guys want you to do when you hit the sack for the first time. We hope you find it useful.

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1) Give Great Oral

Right, we know guys like oral, but giving him a blowjob also shows that you are a generous lover who is willing to give as well as receive.

What better way to keep him coming back for more?

2) Be Active

You don’t need to be swinging from the chandeliers, but very few guys want you to be completely passive. Do your fair share of the work.

3) Don’t Stress About his Performance

First time sex can be very exciting, but nerves can really come into play. If a lady is too nervous, it can ruin the whole experience. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Remember, it is the guy who has it worse. He may not be able to get his penis erect, or he may prematurely ejaculate! If he ‘misfires’, and you react badly, then that will affect things going forward.

Be light-hearted, even if you are a bit frustrated. It is better in the long run!


4) Let Him Know Your Enjoying It

Most guys know that a woman can fake enjoyment in bed. So if you start moaning and gasping at everything he is doing, he is likely to know you are full of shit.

If he does something well, let him know. It will help your love-making going forward, as he will know what YOU like and what YOU want him to do.

5) Don’t Stress About Your Body

It is perfectly understandable that there may be bits of your body that will leave you feeling a bit conscious. However, hiding under the covers or making sure the light is off is likely to be a real turn off for him.

You are having sex with the guy so it is best to let him see what you look like naked at the very start. It will become easier from then on in.

6) Don’t get too Emotional

Don’t start confessing your undying love for him straight after you have sex for the first time. If he just wants a one night stand it will be acutely embarrassing for the both of you.

If he likes you he will give you a call soon enough to arrange the next date. Just give him a look like it meant something, but don’t get too clingy.

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Advice of an Escort

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You could even make a booking with an Aberdeen escort. They are experts in the art of love, and can give you a number of good tips to help you pleasure your man.

So good luck. And remember to enjoy yourself too!

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