Instagram Dating | Are You Using It For Hook-Ups?

If you are single and always ready to mingle, you probably know that the number of dating apps is now overwhelming. Even people who treat online dating as fantasy football can’t always keep up with the new trends, like Instagram Dating.

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The majority are active on the already famous OkCupid and Tinder, and some might also have an account on the apps for adventurous couples who are interested in adding a third party into their kinky games. However, many singles seem to start forgetting all about the good ol’ dating apps in favour of hooking up on platforms like Instagram.

Yes, more traditional social networking apps are now a thing in the dating world, and the best appears to be Instagram. And if you are not using it yet for this purpose, it’s about time you begin. You don’t want to be left behind, do you? 

Are You Ready For Tindstagraming, The New Style Of Instagram Dating?

We are talking about a platform that has more than 800 million users who use the image sharing app at least once a month.

Of course, some created their accounts to share awe-inspiring holiday photos, and others to have a laugh while spreading funny memes. But there is also a great number of people who are looking for their perfect dates. Well, there might be some who are interested in more than just a date or two when they slide into the DMs of sexy ladies. But the majority want to hook up and have some fun.

So, if you want to use Instagram for hookups, you have to update your DM game. But this is only the first step because there are other aspects you must take into consideration if you want to be a winner at Tindstagraming.

To make sure your Instagram game is on point, you must be aware of what you are getting yourself into. In the first place, don’t forget that your potential partners’ phone might always be filled with push notifications from other guys who are also trying to win their heart and conquer their mind, especially if you have your eyes on the hottest girl online. This is why you need a strong social media play to stand out. More exactly, you must master the art of subtility, but add a bit of shamelessness to it. And here’s what I mean by that:

Tindstagraming Tip #1: Think before Posting A Photo

First impression matters and your feed is going to influence your success. So, think twice before you put something out there. You might not want to post all your drunk photos, and you definitely don’t want to fill your feed with the other girls you dated in the last month. Unless you want to be the player all girls run away from, do you? 

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But you also don’t want to seem too serious and show off only your office pics. So, make sure you Insta feed is balanced. You are a smart, trustful guy, who can have also have some fun. That’s what you want to tell the world, right?

Tindstagraming Tip #2: Think Twice Before Adding the Caption

Words matter, too. A LOT! So, not only are your photos important but so are your captions. To make sure you don’t make a fool out of yourself, give all your captions a good edit. None of the great writers has ever shown public something without being edited. So, why should you?

And if you are pretty bad with words, ask for help. I am sure you have at least one friend who can not only check your spelling but also add something witty to your caption. Bad grammar will make you lose the game even before you played it, and so will the silly, random sentences that have nothing to do with the photo you posted.

Tindstagraming Tip #3: The Art of Subtlety and Shamelessness

Jokes are a good way to break the ice, so use them. But don’t exaggerate! You can make a few sex jokes, but don’t be a jerk because ladies don’t like that. Hot talk is nice, but be careful with your words when you DM your crush.

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The internet is filled with ideas of cheesy and rude pick up lines, and while some of them might work in certain situations, most don’t. And instead of helping you win a date, these will only get you ignored and even blocked. So, watch your language, my friend.

Tindstagraming #4: Don’t Be a Creep

Swiping left on Tinder keeps people away from those they don’t want to talk to. But some have their Instagram profiles linked to their dating apps, giving creeps a chance to DM them, and even ask why they didn’t swipe right. You do not want to be this kind of a person. Don’t stalk the ladies that refused to connect with you through Tinder or other dating apps. That’s beyond creepy. Focus on the rest of them, because there’s a lot of fish in the sea.

Food For Thought On Instagram Dating

These are the things you should have in mind if you plan to start using Instagram for hooks up. Now, you might be asking yourself if this new trend is worth all the trouble. The truth is that there is no good answer to this question. While Instagram works out well for some people, it can only be a lot of work and a pain in the ass for others. And you don’t know where you stand until you try.

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