The Rise Of Male Escorts In The 21st Century

More and more women are paying male escorts to satisfy their needs and desires. Unlike some people believe, the reason why women choose to spend their time off this way is not that there are so unattractive and desperate that they are forced to seek paid affection.

Attractive male escort sitting in restaurant waiting for his client

The majority of women who see male escorts are too busy to pursue a conventional relationship, or they are just interested in adding a bit more excitement in the bedroom. Yes, many are in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy their sexual desires. So, women who pay for some sexy time have similar reasons to men who prefer escorts instead of dating.

Now, can you guess why so many men choose to work in the sex industry? If you already know why female escorts do it, this won’t be hard, because everybody has similar reasons.

Just like women, men become sex workers because they want a job that brings in greater cash flow, and of course, they really like sex. Who doesn’t?

What Are Male Escorts Dealing With?

Everybody talks about female escorts and the advantages or disadvantages of their career choices. But we don’t have a lot of information about male escorts and what they have to deal with.

Male escort preparing for a meeting

So, since the number of men who are joining the sex industry is getting higher every day, it’s time to catch a glimpse into their life.

First things first! We are talking about sex workers, and no matter their gender, all of them have to face discrimination and prejudice from time to time.

Do you think that a man who says he is an escort will be treated with more kindness and respect than a woman? Yes, there might be a few fellows who would be jealous when thinking about the amount of money a male escort wins and the hours of sex he gets to have.

But we are living in a world of inequalities, and, though we are on our way to get there, sex workers still don’t receive the respect they deserve.

Also, whether we are talking about males or females, the legislation is hard on sex workers. So, until our mentality and laws change, all escorts have to deal with risky situations once in a while.

What Is It Like To Be Paid For Sexy Time, As A Man?

According to some, being a male escort is usually fun and fulfilling. Most of their clients are smart, interesting ladies over 35 years of age, who are hiring escorts because they want both sex and quality time. This is why a common request involves dinner, drinks, and a hot night at a hotel room.

Male escort putting on his suit

In addition, there are male escorts who get paid to accompany women at events and act like a boyfriend for the day, before spending the night together. And, as you can imagine, many ladies prefer to meet just for sex, without any other warmup before.

What about the kinkiness of the encounters? Well, some male escorts have to deal with naughtier clients than the average, but it seems that most of the women who see escorts have pretty regular requests.

Are Male Escorts Only Seeing Female Clients?

There are many men who refuse meeting with male clients, but this is not a rule. The industry is filled with women who offer their services to both men and women, so, why wouldn’t it be the same when it comes to a male sex worker?

male escort and female client going on a dinner date

And if right now you are thinking about hiring a male escort for a threesome with your kinky lady, let me tell you that you can. Yes, the threesomes involving two females and one male seem to be more popular, but there are plenty of couples who want to bring a hot stud in bed with them.

And if there is a demand, there is also a market.

The conclusion is simple. We are now witnessing a rise of male escorts, and this is also happening because the number of empowered women who prefer focusing on their careers instead of families is raising. In addition, there are more women who began feeling comfortable with their sexuality, and they are now searching for ways to satisfy themselves.

Regarding the life of a male escort, we can say it’s similar to the one lived by a female sex worker. The amount of advantages and disadvantages they have depends on their clients, their location, and sometimes of their own abilities and performances.

We can say that sometimes, because of their lack of physical strength and maybe on the higher number of existing clients, women might face more danger and discrimination. But we cannot deny the fact that male escorts can deal with the same things. Just like we can’t ignore the financial benefits sex workers gain from their job, regardless of their gender.

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