Is There A Secret To Squirting?

Squirting is one of the hottest things for people to search for right now, especially on porn sites. They want to see sexy ladies spreading their legs and having an orgasm so intense they leave a trail across the room. They want to see that jet spray all over, showing just how turned on the woman is.

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A lot of people have absolutely no idea how to make somebody squirt. It looks so easy in porn films and sex videos online. But the reality is very different.

Thankfully there are tons of websites out there claiming that they have the secret to squirting, and that their tips will make absolutely any woman squirt. But can they? Is there really a secret to squirting or is it just a myth?

What is squirting?

Squirting is, to many people, better known as female ejaculation. It is when a woman has an orgasm so powerful and intense that a gush of fluid sprays from her cunt and soaks you and the bed. It is something that many find to be a huge turn on.

For a lot of people, the squirt is a sign of two things. Not only does it show that she is enjoying herself, but it also shows that she has cum. It is the proof that she has enjoyed one hell of an orgasm.

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Many people also believe that the squirt makes your orgasm more intense. So instead of just a normal orgasm that makes your pussy quiver, you would enjoy something totally indescribable.

The problem is that getting a woman to squirt is a challenge. There are certain techniques and methods that are said to work better than others, so finding the secret of the squirt is important if you want to make her cum like she has never cum before.

The secret of the squirt

There are so many websites online that claim to boast the secrets of the squirt. There are even some websites claiming that they, and they alone, can give you the secrets… for a small fee.

The general consensus between them all is that you need to stimulate Skene’s Gland. This gland sits just above the g-spot and is sometimes referred to as the female prostate, and is apparently where the female ejaculation comes from.

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Many of the techniques are similar. They require two stiff fingers inside of the pussy, pressed against the g-spot, with rapid up and down movements to stimulate the gland.

The theory is that, with the right type of stimulation, it shouldn’t take you long to squirt. In fact, some websites claim that using this technique and going fast and hard “is almost guaranteed to make you squirt“, which sounds perfect for those of you out there who are desperate to get their sexy lady off in a new way!

Squirting porn

When it comes to watching porn, plenty of people are keen to enjoy a squirt or two. In fact, squirting porn often ranks quite highly on a number of different porn sites, meaning that you can always find quality content.

Just searching for squirting porn will net you a huge number of results. You can see all kinds of different videos on the subject. You might just want to see a lesbian squirt all over her partner, who loves the taste. You might even decide to watch a squirt contest to see who can get their cum to go the furthest.

There are so many different videos for you to enjoy, but a number of people aren’t happy with porn. The kind of ejaculation you see in porn isn’t anything like the real thing. It seems more like water than anything, and many doubt whether it is real.

The problem is that getting someone to squirt on command is a real challenge, and often it is faked in porn. They fake it to make it look bigger and more exciting, which is going to be a huge turn on for you when watching it. You want to see a huge gush of fluid… not a tiny little amount, right?

Can any woman squirt?

There is something that a lot of different websites claim. They believe that absolutely any woman can squirt if you know how to. The problem is that this might not be entirely accurate.

Over the years there have been many different studies to see if the female ejaculation is as real as many people seem to believe that it is. Most studies, however, come to the conclusion that not every woman can squirt. In fact, they estimate that the number of women capable of being between 10 and 54%.

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Okay, so 54% sounds a lot more promising than 10%, but the fact remains that science believes that not all women can squirt.

So in other words, those websites keen to take your money to show you to secrets of squirting might just be lying to you. Their techniques might still be excellent to get her off, but getting her to squirt? It might not be possible.

What do you think?

The idea that every single woman is capable of having an intense squirting orgasm sounds great. Just imagine how amazing it would be if every single women around the world could have an orgasm so intense they squirt.

The problem is that science seems to disagree with this ideal. While some studies suggest that it is a possibility for all women, others say that it is just a dream. So what is the truth?

We want to know what you think. Can absolutely any woman squirt, or is it just a fantasy that we should let go of? Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below. You can even use the comment section to share your top tips with us.

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