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Gabriella Zene is an American writer who joined the Escort Advertising team in early 2016. Since then, she has gained a fine reputation, and adds a high level of sex industry expertise to the team. She is certainly most famous for her informative, yet hilarious looks at sex from around the world. However, she is also well known for her erotic stories, as well as her blogs on sexual health, which she sees as vital in helping out men and women everywhere. When she is not knocking other trending articles out of the park, Gabriella likes walking her pet dog, and eating at nice restaurants.

The Best Sex Position For Each Kind Of Penis

It’s a sexy fact; a dude’s chopper comes in every shape and size. Real talk, its size really doesn’t even matter if and when he shags in the position that’ll best serve his love muscle best. Whether he’s sporting the size of an anaconda, a pocket rocket, or a wee wee, that master of ceremonies will celebrate most righteously in a position that best accommodates its dissertation. Continue reading The Best Sex Position For Each Kind Of Penis

What Your Favourite Sex Positions Says About You

With all the different styles of shagging, there’s a sexual position that’s your favorite. You dig that position because it not only provides you with physical gratification, it also serves you on a subconscious level. Your go-to move says a lot about your personality and its primal wants, needs and interests in between those sheets when it comes to getting down and dirty. Continue reading What Your Favourite Sex Positions Says About You

The Ultimate Guide to 69 Sex!

The two-way street of sex comes with the exciting opportunity to give and get at the same time, and once you’ve arrived at that sexy juncture, you are officially onto Route 69. Despite its popularity, 69ing can be awkward. This sex position may be difficult for those who’ve experienced trouble when asked, ‘Can you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time?’. Thankfully, there are tricks to the trade of dual stimulation and there’s no better way to polish your sexy skill set than to read up on them. So read on, embrace your lover’s sexy bits, and practice, practice, practice. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to 69 Sex!

The Most Popular Porn Plots (Videos)

A porn plot is essentially a sexy fantasy where those kinky actors role play and bang out erotica film. A porn plot is the storyline, and when it’s good, it carries the sequence of events in that sexy story. In the garden of good and evil, there’s a lot of different porn plots out there. And however bad you may consider its plot, that kinky scenario is a fetish for someone, somewhere. Continue reading The Most Popular Porn Plots (Videos)

Have You Tried the #BOOBLUGE Challenge? (Video)

Enjoying both beer and boobs at the same time can be tough, but for social media sluts it’s the latest viral challenge. Before this trending waterfall of booby beer, it was the Ice Bucket Challenge, which at least raised awareness for ALS, but the #BOOBLUGE challenge (downing beer off of a pair of boobs) is just raising eyebrows. Continue reading Have You Tried the #BOOBLUGE Challenge? (Video)

13 Signs You Have High Quality Semen

While a guys semen may look a lot like liquid pearls right off the bat, it’s also the recipe for creation, and that cream of sum yung guy is full of swimmers. Mostly when a dude goes to pound town, he isn’t going in with the intention of creating a dynasty, even if that’s the baby gravy’s goal. Dude just wants to man blast that jerk sauce into face paint, but that doesn’t mean that dude shouldn’t care about the health of his dick spit. Yet, how does dude know if everything is all good in the hood? Real talk, how does he know if the swimmers in his splooge are paddling up to par? Continue reading 13 Signs You Have High Quality Semen

The Eight Sexiest TV Commercials (Videos)

Sexuality in advertising is successful in attracting the consumer’s attention, and in making them remember that sexy message. Sex sells because it helps advertisers not only get that potential buyer to look at their product, but it also helps them to have a higher chance of not only wanting it, but also recalling it later. If a thing is placed next to something sexually appealing, it doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out that it’s a marketing equation destined for take off. In the 21st century, erotic imagery in advertising is more commonplace than ever before, perhaps because of an increased tolerance and more tempered censorship, yet some sexy commercials continue to push kinky boundaries. Continue reading The Eight Sexiest TV Commercials (Videos)

20 Crazy Sex Facts About Women

The body of a babe has erotically mystified artists and sex enthusiasts for countless centuries. From the way birdies are built, to what makes them tweet is distinctively and utterly different than their horny homie brothers. Since the days of playing the game, ‘Show me yours and I’ll show you mine’, your kinky knowledge of the poon has increased. It’s a kinky fact, after you first saw that puff pillow, your curiosity about the lady flower grew and rightly so, because there’s much more to the va-jay-jay than meets the eye. Continue reading 20 Crazy Sex Facts About Women

Seven Reasons To Leave an Escort Review!

There’ll come the moment when you’ll have to walk away from that beautiful escort and your saucy time together. In the moments that follow, she’ll probably still be parading naked around your mind. You’ll most likely be recalling all those special, kinky tricks she did and you’ll probably wish you could tell her, “Hey babe, thanks for rocking my world!” Continue reading Seven Reasons To Leave an Escort Review!

Ten Hilarious Erotic Words From The Urban Dictionary!

New English words arrive every day in fascinating ways. The English language is guilty of borrowing words from other languages like café, and of making new words from an imitation of a sound like boom and oink. New words can arise from a marriage of existing words like cupcake and gastropub. New words are often born from blending parts of words together like in the word, brunch or by adding prefixes and suffixes like in the words ‘unfriend’, and through respelling like in the word, phat. Many of these words come from one source: Urban Dictionary. Continue reading Ten Hilarious Erotic Words From The Urban Dictionary!