Have You Tried the #BOOBLUGE Challenge? (Video)

Enjoying both beer and boobs at the same time can be tough, but for social media sluts it’s the latest viral challenge. Before this trending waterfall of booby beer, it was the Ice Bucket Challenge, which at least raised awareness for ALS, but the #BOOBLUGE challenge (downing beer off of a pair of boobs) is just raising eyebrows.

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Viral challenges are inherently designed for that homie at the party that has the propensity for talking too loud, and who not only accepts a dare, but demands that: ‘Seriously, somebody should definitely videotape this, because oh my god, we are totally making history.’ Whitney Houston once sang, I believe the children are our future, and if that’s true then this #BOOBBLUGE challenge proves these here times are sticky.

Who can blame these thirsty lost souls for trying to connect two things that have brought so many people joy? And if it’s consensual, and those boobs, and those lips, and that beer have all squealed yes, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, this challenge has others scratching their heads because this age of social media has young whippersnappers taping, and posting nefarious activities that are ahem, perhaps best left on Spring Break, not to echo in the corridors of the world wide web.

Downing beer off of boobs? Really?

Social media has homies attempting to capture shiny moments in time, and when they post that shiny shit, they hope that it’s sensational and crazy enough to bang viral. Going viral is comparable to Internet stardom, and it happens when enough clicks justify, ‘That video is fire!’ While trending videos are often funny, interesting and borderline brilliant, trending viral crap like downing beer off a pair of boobs is more like lukewarm diarrhea.

Nowadays, social media homies will videotape anything, even lukewarm diarrhea, so they can post that shit, in hopes that it’ll go viral. If and when it does, they officiate that hot mess as a challenge which inherently glorifies and perpetuates the stupidity involved. Real talk, unless you’re the beer, those lips, or those boobies, this challenge is as good as a cheap beer ad.

Is this #BOOBLUGE really a challenge? I mean, REALLY, is it? The Greek myth of Jason and the Golden fleece, now that was a challenge. This just seems like some young guns with too much time and too much technology on their hands. The psychologist Sigmund Freud would probably declare these boobie beer enthusiasts were either weened too early, or too late, and that they miss breastfeeding so much that they’ve chosen to regress.

Problems With the #BOOBLUGE Challenge

Dear Downing Beer Off A Pair of Boobs, If you think an URL of yourself drinking a beer from the valley of the Twin Peaks is what your CV your portfolio needs, or that this somehow heightens your marketability needs, yeah man, think again. Listen yo, potential employers can and will Google you, and THIS may give them ammunition to shoot down your application if they disagree with your age of irreverence. Sincerely, ‘You in the future’.

The Boob Luge Challenge involves downing a beer that’s poured through the valley of the titties, and it has #BOOBBLUGE enthusiasts lining up to experience this wet and wild viral challenge. No one is knocking the refreshment of bubbly boobies, but this ‘challenge’ sounds a lot like some wet dream of a entitled frat boy. It’s not just a sign of the times, dude, it’s a belch of sticky times.

When it comes to taping a double dog dare, just take a moment to consider what you ten years from now might say. While ‘everyone is doing it’ may sound like a claim to a good time, you’ll have to decide if that sticky footage is worth its cyberspace echo. If you ten years from now would say, no problem mate, then by all means, cheers! Tip to the wise: If you try this challenge with a stranger and think to post that shiny shit, know that you’re borderline infringing upon that person’s privacy. It’s best to down that beer of a consensual boob range that you know personally. Not convinced that downing beer off a pair of boobs is something to get pissed about? Then watch, Why People Are Pissed At This Challenge! Got something to say? Then keep calm, speak your sexy mind, and get it off your chest in the comments below!

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