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Women Finally Reveal What is Most Important During Sex

In one of the most fascinating studies I have seen in a while, a survey has taken a look at what really matters to women during sex. Instead of going through the old tropes such as ‘make sure you give them oral’, it looked at what they really felt was important in the bedroom, and what they are thinking when they are not up for sex. Continue reading Women Finally Reveal What is Most Important During Sex

Why Don’t Women See Escorts?

It has to be said, it is predominantly men who use sex workers. Yes, you may hear the occasional story of women booking a guy, but they are about as rare as hen’s teeth. This helps feed into the idea that the sex industry is ‘misogynistic’ and dominated by men who are having sex with women like they are pieces of meat. Though we know this is inherently wrong, it does lead to a big question. Why do men see escorts and women traditionally don’t? Continue reading Why Don’t Women See Escorts?

20 Crazy Sex Facts About Women

The body of a babe has erotically mystified artists and sex enthusiasts for countless centuries. From the way birdies are built, to what makes them tweet is distinctively and utterly different than their horny homie brothers. Since the days of playing the game, ‘Show me yours and I’ll show you mine’, your kinky knowledge of the poon has increased. It’s a kinky fact, after you first saw that puff pillow, your curiosity about the lady flower grew and rightly so, because there’s much more to the va-jay-jay than meets the eye. Continue reading 20 Crazy Sex Facts About Women