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Bella joined the team in 2014 and has developed a fan base writing most of our our Erotic Stories. She also writes a lot of our "guides" from personal experience!

An Aberdeen Escort – How I Became One

Woman in white bra leans forward on bed

Let me tell you how I managed to get into the world of escorting. I was working in a dead end horrible job in Aberdeen. I had gotten the job, despite going against five other hopeful employees. They were all like me, just out of university, with no idea what to do with their lives, a degree in business that was deemed useless without experience and a mounting bill of student debt hanging over their heads. Continue reading An Aberdeen Escort – How I Became One

Erotic Stories – Tease Me

I met Randal one autumn evening in a cosy pub in Surrey, the fire was lit and myself and some friends were huddled in chairs, sampling our many glasses of rose until closing hour drew near.
Randal had a undeniable sense of sensuality about him, he originated from Sri Lanka and there was something magical in those dark brown eyes which was elusive and addictive. Continue reading Erotic Stories – Tease Me

Sex Stories – Me And My Daughters Friend!

The sink was full of dirty dishes and there were breadcrumbs from the morning’s breakfast rush still speckled on the kitchen tops. I sighed, I couldn’t believe it was already 3 o clock and I still hasn’t been able to clean up the house. Brandy would be home any moment with her friend to study. Continue reading Sex Stories – Me And My Daughters Friend!

Real Sex Stories; My Hot Workplace Sex

As I lie, enveloped in the soft foamy fold of my hot bath, I massage the beads of bubbles into my thighs and take a deep sigh, the memories of the day still permeating my mind. I’ve never been so wet, so stimulated, so hypnotised by a man. But Ricardo, he’s not like other men, I remind myself with a smile, rolling my eyes dramatically as the memories flood back. Continue reading Real Sex Stories; My Hot Workplace Sex