Can You Have A Relationship AND See Escorts?

Opinion is divided over the touchy subject of whether seeing escorts could be classified as ‘cheating’ and whether you can still maintain a successful relationship if you have a thing for escorts. We bring you our thoughts on the subject.

There is No Trail

As Joey Tribbiani in an episode of Friends so eloquently put it when Ross cheated on his girlfriend Rachel and was trying to cover it up, ‘Bro, you always have to think about the trail!’ Cheating is not only immoral to your loved one, but a messy business. Phone calls, texts and unexpected appearances from what the hip hop generation aptly dub ‘side chicks’ can send any seasoned pro into a paranoid, stressed mess.

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Escorts are what we might call a ‘clean’ way of cheating because there is no trail. You didn’t bump into her at a club or a restaurant, she knows the score and she isn’t going to send little affectionate texts or phone calls late at night while you’re snuggled up together, she is usually unconnected to anybody and will not share your details with friends and family.
When you leave the escort, there is no ‘follow up’. There is much less chance of your woman finding out and this may add to the fact that if you are to cheat, an escort is the best way to do it.

It’s Just Sex!

Somebody once said to me ‘what is your favourite food?’ When I gave my answer they asked if I would like to eat it every night. I said no and they explained to me this is the way men see women, nobody wants the same food every night and a variety of women is what every man desires. Some people of this persuasion would say that escorts are just sex – they are not cheating because there is no emotional attachment to the other person.

Cheating is really about emotionally tying themselves to a person, but being physical and no more is actually not cheating, because they have not invested themselves into the other person. If this was the concept and both parties agreed, this would be a good argument.

Seeing Escorts can Effect Sex Life

There is no denying having sex with another affects your own intimacy with your partner. This can sometimes be in a good way, because you can feel more liberated in the bedroom. But let’s face it, your mind will be comparing experiences and it may limit your ability to perform and feel less connected to your partner, the guilt may make you lose your sex drive as well. She may also notice a difference and start to become more suspicious.

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Leading a Double Life

Those who can maintain double lives have at some point cut off the part of them that feels empathy for another in order to survive. You may not realise it, but if you are being a loving husband or boyfriend at home but seeing escorts, you are possibly finding pleasure and relief from having some sort of escapism from reality.

We all have our vices, but leading a double life can lead to a life wrought with the fear of getting caught, frustration in yourself for not being open, self-hatred and guilt and these emotions can go very deep and give you physical ill health as well as anxiety and stress. It is always best to be completely open, as much as possible, because the fear of accepting yourself is nothing compared to the fear of remaining trapped in the inner prison of lies.

Opinion will always be divided on the subject of having escorts and relationships simultaneously but as long as you are safe, taking responsibility for your decisions and being as open as you can, you should be able to have happy and fulfilling relationships and experiences. Escorts can be a welcome escapism and a chance to indulge yourself and if you would like to view our lovely Glasgow escorts in our directory, just follow the link.

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