Escort Advice – Is Being Independent Better?

One of the top reasons many escorts choose to go Independent is because they have the power of choice, many go with gut instincts about clients on whether to schedule a booking in, or whether they feel the client will take advantage or be a threat to them. With an agency, there is no correspondence between escort and client, the receptionist or booker deals with everything, which means the escort has a complete surprise who they come into contact with on the day of the booking. And just because a client is booked through an agency, doesn’t always mean they are safe.

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Build Up Your Own Client Base

The joy of being an independent escort is that the escort can build up her own client base in whichever way she sees fit. She can build regular clientèle and schedule them accordingly whereas an agency client may be trawling through the whole list of escorts on the agency site. There is a more likelihood of loyalty when a client books to an independent escort and if he enjoys the experience and takes a shine to the escort, he is more likely to stick with what he knows than to work his way through a list of escorts.

The Client Feels More Relaxed

The client feels more relaxed when he has some idea of what to expect, this isn’t possible in an agency setting, because an agency will give an overview of an escort, whereas an independent can voice what she offers and her personality in her own words, which means the client will know what to expect, be more comfortable which benefits both the participants.

Make 100% Of Your Earnings

Escort agency representation doesn’t come cheap. Expect the high class agencies to take a whopping 50% of earnings per visit. Some are lower, but all in all that’s a big cut from your earnings as an escort. Also, you’re likely to get less clients because you need to put your price up to accommodate the agency fees, which means lower likelihood of bookings. As an independent, you make 100% of all your earnings.

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Pick Your Own Hours And Days

Although many independents get spontaneous ‘last minute’ bookings, at least they can organise their own schedule, whereas bossy agencies expect you to drop everything and race to a booking as little as an hour before. You also have to adhere constantly to agency timings and days, whereas when you are an independent you have the power to choose your own days, times and free time.

Your Photos Can Appear As You Choose

As an independent, sure your photos are going to get attention and win you clients, but in an agency, they are expecting mostly premium professional photos where your body must appear as perfection. This means shelling out for pricey photographers the agency happens to be affiliated with. When you are independent you don’t need to worry how you appear photo’d next to the girl from the agency, you are your own person and your own advertising. Keep in mind, as well, if you want to keep your privacy, an independent directory of escorts accepts blurred images, whereas many agencies do not.

Pick Your Own Rates And Services

As well as not worrying about commission, you have the ability to set your own rates, limits and services. You can work our discounts for regulars, put prices up on a whim and offer your own personal price list, rather than going by what an agency deems is correct for your looks, age and experience. You are truly your own boss.

It’s Not Illegal

Many aren’t aware that, although selling sex is legal independently, actually being affiliated with a brothel, agency or pimp are all illegal ways to sell your body. Agencies pretend they don’t offer sexual services to side-step this, but in the end, it will always be hanging over your head that what you’re doing is illegal. Be smarter and stay independent to avoid these messy issues.

Organise Your Own Security

Some escorts agencies will supply security, some will arrange drivers even, but these will usually come at a cost to you, and a hefty one at that. When you are running the show, you can put your own safety measures in place and ‘vet’ any security driver you may want to book. You have the say in who protects you or what protective measures are put in place, rather than surrendering to any pricey security measure your agency puts in place.

If you are an escort and want to discover why its best to go it alone and be an independent escort, we offer reasonable advertising rates and propel you into a strong established customer base. You can follow the link to advertise with us, or have a chat on the Escort Scotland forum with other escorts!

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