Why Don’t Women See Escorts?

It has to be said, it is predominantly men who use sex workers. Yes, you may hear the occasional story of women booking a guy, but they are about as rare as hen’s teeth. This helps feed into the idea that the sex industry is ‘misogynistic’ and dominated by men who are having sex with women like they are pieces of meat. Though we know this is inherently wrong, it does lead to a big question. Why do men see escorts and women traditionally don’t?

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Our Hard Wiring

Like it or not, men and women are wired differently when it comes to sex. Yes, there will be variations, but we are basically the same cave people we were back thousands of years ago. Each sex had their own roles. The guy would go out hunting and gathering for the tribe, whilst the women would stay at home looking after the kids. Most things come from this initial premise.

For a population to grow they would need the man to be able to impregnate a number of women. As a woman is pregnant for nine months of the year, there was no biological urge for them to have sex with different people. The man on the other hand had done his bit at conception and was free to move on to other conquests. There wasn’t Facebook back then where you could get pulled apart for cheating.

Also, there are other reasons women weren’t designed for casual sex. There was a chance that they could get pregnant, and once they get pregnant, they had a baby. The guy could just leave as there was no child support services to hold them to account. Therefore women needed to be more choosy about when they had sex. Guys on the other hand were free to go around spreading their seed.

This has transmitted down to present day, where in reality, we are the same creatures, but with more cool stuff. Men are more geared towards casual sex compared to women, so the sex industry where men can pick women like they are in a sweet shop is perfect for them.

Physical Differences

But it is fair to say that not every woman is the same. Some will have an incredible sex drive, more than men. They will enjoy causal sex like an man. So why do they not see escorts?

Firstly, men are built differently to women physically also when it comes to sex. The woman has a hole so is a recipient. Consequently, bar some soreness to the vagina, she can have sex multiple times. The guy however, needs to be able to get hard and ejaculate again. This makes it a lot more difficult to go for round two, or three, or four.

Industry Differences

This means men don’t usually become sex workers in a non-passive manner. Yes, you will have ones who are the recipients of anal sex or give oral in the gay community, but you won’t usually have ones who ‘do the work’. Therefore, the sex industry has never been for women, it has always been for men, both straight and gay.

But is there a social stigma about demales meeting sex workers? There is a very good likelihood there would be stigma if it was a thing, but the the way men and women are, and the way the industry is set up means that we never get to the stage where women are being put off seeing escorts by societal pressure.

It could be argued that many of the women with a huge sex drive actually become escorts, but that is an article for a different day.

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