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Looking At International Men’s Day

Pretty much every single March we hear all of the fantastic things that people are doing to celebrate the achievements of women and to take part in International Women’s Day. We hear that women have been fighting long and hard for equal rights, and having a day to celebrate that gives us a chance to realise how far we’ve come. Of course, there always some who then say “well, what about International Men’s Day? Why isn’t there a day for men to celebrate their achievements?” Continue reading Looking At International Men’s Day

Feminism and the Sex Industry

When most people think about modern feminism, the last thing they’d ever associate it with is the sex industry. They’re pretty much polar opposites, at least on the surface. The latter is accused of embodying every hardship and patriarchal nuisance that the former stands against. But as with all such movements, there is a dissension of opinion about the sex industry, and about escorts in particular. Continue reading Feminism and the Sex Industry