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Does Double Sex Make You Happier?

The formula to a male happiness is no real mystery other than to women who assume that we’re these three dimensional character with feelings, dreams and ambitions. But they’re stupid – actual spiritual fulfilment is just the cherry on the cake to the real prize that we seek because, in reality, a good portion of male happiness can be boiled down to the following formula: Continue reading Does Double Sex Make You Happier?

Feminism and the Sex Industry

When most people think about modern feminism, the last thing they’d ever associate it with is the sex industry. They’re pretty much polar opposites, at least on the surface. The latter is accused of embodying every hardship and patriarchal nuisance that the former stands against. But as with all such movements, there is a dissension of opinion about the sex industry, and about escorts in particular. Continue reading Feminism and the Sex Industry

The Scottish Love of British Mature Escorts

Britain is a glorious place. Blessed with an abundance of rain, toothless grins and the infamous cockney accent, it’s hard to see why anybody wouldn’t want to visit. But the most celestial part of this celestial isle is its women. Sure, anybody can talk about the Tower of London or the hilly countryside, but where the true magic of the country resides is in British mature escorts – bosom-filled beauties that are capable of captivating even the most apathetic of spectators. Continue reading The Scottish Love of British Mature Escorts