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Why Men Say No To Sex!

We grew up being told that men are ready for sex no matter what time it is, what kind of day they have, how tired, hungry or upset they are. Well, I can only imagine the type of pressure they feel. And this tension can only create insecurities as well as make them swallow blue pills, instead of talking about their problems, just to avoid being labeled as bad lovers. Continue reading Why Men Say No To Sex!

Looking At International Men’s Day

Pretty much every single March we hear all of the fantastic things that people are doing to celebrate the achievements of women and to take part in International Women’s Day. We hear that women have been fighting long and hard for equal rights, and having a day to celebrate that gives us a chance to realise how far we’ve come. Of course, there always some who then say “well, what about International Men’s Day? Why isn’t there a day for men to celebrate their achievements?” Continue reading Looking At International Men’s Day