Five Celebrities Who Love Escorts!

No matter where they are, what is their cultural background and what they do for a living, both regular people and celebrities enjoy seeing escorts, for different reasons. The difference appears when they get caught.

Red carpet for celebrities
Red carpet

If your escorting secret is revealed you might have a fight with your wife or deal with dubious stares at work. But famous people have to deal with reading about their sexy escapes in all newspapers.

The only good part about celebrities who enjoy seeing escorts getting caught is that it gets them…closer to us, regular people. Though sometimes we have the tendency to put our favourite actors, singers or football players on pedestals, they are normal people. And before you begin thinking that they should act smarter and learn how to see escorts without getting caught, imagine you having to do everything with paparazzi on your footsteps.

If you ask me, these courtesans are pretty special if so many celebrities risk their whole world finding out their kinky secrets for a few hot hours. Don’t get me wrong, seeing escorts is not shameful, but not all people are like the Kardashians, and they don’t actually like everybody talking about their sexual desires and abilities.

“I don’t pay them for sex. I pay them to leave.”

Ok, some have no problem discussing their sexuality, and Charlie Sheen is one of them. I don’t even know where to begin talking about Charlie Sheen and his escapades. Not only did Charlie lost his virginity to an escort when he was 15, but his father was the one that paid for it (though Martin Sheen didn’t know about it until his credit card bill came through)

So, I guess that now can understand why he said “I don’t pay for sex. I pay them to leave.” Well, it was a joke, but maybe Sheen took the fun out of seeing escorts and transformed it into fear of commitment.

I love this guy, but he is one of the reasons many people ask themselves if escorting gives addiction. If you think about it there are a large number of things Charlie Sheen was addicted to. So it’s easy to understand who the problem here was.

“I was trying to be a Good Samaritan.”

Just as much as I appreciated Charlie Sheen’s honesty, I have to admit that I love Eddie Murphy’s reaction to getting caught with a transsexual escort in his car. He got caught many years ago, while he was a married man who was just looking for something different.

No, this wasn’t his answer. He had a very cute story. While he was driving around due to a lack of sleep, he stopped his car because somebody seemed to be in trouble. Fortunately for him, “somebody” happened to be a transsexual escort.

Now, I am pretty sure that he didn’t stop being a good person and he kept helping strangers in need. However, I am absolutely positive that he learned how to keep his “philanthropic” actions very well hidden.

I Did a Bad Thing and I Liked It

Years ago, the man all women who watch romantic comedies want to marry was caught seeing escorts. I guess that Love Actually happens in the naughty bed of a hot courtesan for Hugh Grant. Since he was playing illegally back then, our beloved Hugh was arrested, fined and got out on probation. I still want to marry him!

What did he have to say? Well, he told Jay Leno that he did a bad thing, but correct me if I am wrong when I am saying that the only bad thing he had in mind was the fact that he sucked at keeping his business personal.

Anyway, with clients like Hugh Grant, I think I would be the only escort in the world who faced bankruptcy.

U.S. Secret Service Doing It All Wrong

I know that I was supposed to make a list of celebrities who enjoy seeing escorts, but man how can you not add the United States Secret Service members to the list? They took their kinky asses to a state where the area was as white as snow and they had some with a few hot ladies.

Of course, though on legal ground, they were acting against the U.S. military code of justice. But they were certainly acting in favour of their naughty desires, weren’t they?

And Now, a Very Good Bad Example

Just like Charlie Sheen, Italy’s “treasure”, Silvio Berlusconi is the face of many hilarious memes due to his outrageous actions. Though he got out if it, the “Italiano Vero” was convicted for paying an underage escort for sexual activities.

Well, to see escorts is one thing. Everybody does it and everybody loves it. However, Berlusconi’s action is unforgivable. There are many beautiful and experienced escorts who are not underage out there. So, take this as a bad example and make sure that you always do the right thing.

And next time, Mr. Berlusconi, try seeing a mature escort! They are very popular among real men. Because real men, don’t date underage girls!

Famous People Are…People

Now, these are just some of the celebrities who enjoy seeing escorts and got caught with it. If they didn’t we wouldn’t know about their naughty secret.

But like them, there are many others…who are more careful, just like you should be. Anyway, if you have favourite actors, singers or soccer players and they are on an imaginary pedestal, get them down or jump in with them. They are human and they have the same desires and dreams.

If you have a preferred celebrity and you would like to add it to our list, please do so by commenting in the box below. Cheers!

Anna Smith

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