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The Hottest Melania Trump Naked Photos Ever (Photos)

There are very few good things about Donald Trump becoming President. Yes, we won’t be going to war with Russia anytime soon, but when you look at how his campaign was mired in racism and sexism allegations (and no, not all Trump voters are racists and sexists) one suspects that America has made a regressive step. However, there is certainly one good thing about Trump becoming President, and that is the new First Lady, his wife, Melania Trump. Continue reading The Hottest Melania Trump Naked Photos Ever (Photos)

Celebs Vs. #PledgeDecrim

You might know Amnesty International as just one of those charities that you’ll see out in town, the ones who try to stop you to talk about what they do, but often we walk on by saying how busy we are and that we aren’t interested. Well, it seems that there is a new reason to take notice of what they are doing, as they have started the #PledgeDecrim campaign. Continue reading Celebs Vs. #PledgeDecrim