Should You Admit To An Escort Affair?

Not everyone sees spending time with escorts as cheating. After all, there isn’t that same emotional connection as there would be with an affair. It tends to be just about the physical part, but even when that is the case, you might find that your partner still isn’t happy if you have had an escort affair.

An escort affair in action

The problem that faces many of us is just what we are supposed to do when someone has found out we are having an escort affair. Some people choose to admit to it and try to fix their relationship if they can, while others will deny it in the hope that their partner will accept it and move on.

So, what do you do when you’re having an escort affair? Is there a right and a wrong way to go about it, or is it all about your preferences? Here on the Escort Scotland blog we take a look at the things you can do when caught out.

It isn’t black and white

It is ridiculous easy for someone on the outside to look in and say “well, this is what you should do”, but when it comes to cheating, there is no black and white. It isn’t clear what you should and shouldn’t do, which makes it even more difficult to decide.

Really, you are the only person in your relationship who can decide what you are going to do. You can deny the fact that you have been having an escort affair, you can admit to it, or you can try to ignore the situation completely.

When you’ve been cheating, figuring out what is the best thing to do for you is hard. Hopefully these steps below can help you figure it out.

Time to confess?

There are some times when it might actually be better to just confess to your partner and work things out from there. You might not agree with these suggestions, but as we said early, this is all going to be about your choice. We’ve just giving you an idea of when it might be better to ‘fess up.

For a start, if your partner is already pretty damn certain that something is up and has sat you down to say “are you cheating on me?”, there isn’t much point in denying it. All that will do is make her even more paranoid, and you’ll find that your ever move is being scrutinised. Yes, it might hurt her, but she knows anyway. Save yourself the torment and just confess.

Another time you should consider admitting it is if other people know about it. When you see escorts, this tends to be unlikely, as escorts are discreet and private. However, if you’ve been bragging about it to your mates, there’s a chance they might break your trust and go talking to the missus. Be careful who you talk to about your special friend or you might have to tell the truth.

Keeping it to yourself

Sometimes, when you have been dating an escort, it can actually be a hell of a lot better for you and your partner to not say a word about it. A lot of people go by the “what they don’t know can’t hurt them” approach, and here are some situations where that might actually work out for you.

You might not regularly see escorts. In fact, you might have only seen an escort once because you wanted to see what it was like. If you have done it the once, or only a handful of times, there is no point burdening your partner with the news. Instead, try to deal with it on your own.

Another good time to stay quiet is when you want to stay together with your partner. Confessing might end your relationship. Instead, keep the escort affair separate from your relationship. Some people might also feel the urge to confess their affair when they actually don’t want the relationship to continue, but then you are just deliberately hurting them for the sake of it. Just don’t do it.

How to not get caught having an escort affair

Of course, the best way to make sure this conversation never has to happen and that you won’t have to make the choice is to make sure you won’t be caught out in the first place.

When you start having an escort affair, you might want to set up a separate phone to use. Often referred to as a punting phone, this is a cheap phone you have bought and use solely for escorting. After you’ve been on a date with an escort, you’ll delete all texts and phone calls from the phone, so that it is totally blank. If your partner does discover it, you can simply claim that you found it on the street and meant to drop it off at the police station, but you forgot.

You also need to be cautious about your escort affair as it is happening. When you’re going to meet an escort, make sure you don’t make it ridiculously obvious what you’re doing. Look up the location ahead of time, so you don’t wander around looking lost. This can make you stand out from the crowd.

After the date with your sexy escort, you might be offered a shower. Unless you want to go home smelling of another woman, take them up on the offer of a shower. You can always tell your partner that your hair is a little wet because you’ve been to the gym.

The choice is yours

Ultimately, the choice of whether you confess your affair or keep it to yourself is up to you. Most of the time, it just seems a lot easier to keep it quiet, but if you feel conflicted, this blog should have helped you figure out where you stand.

Are there other times when you think you should open up about your affair? Is there anything that we’ve missed? You can let us know in the comment box below or by visiting the Escort Scotland forum and joining in the discussion there.

Why not share your tips for keeping your affair secret? You might just help some uncertain escort clients figure out what to do next, and whether they should be opening up about their sensual habits.

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  1. That’s completely up to you to tell an escort if you’re in a relationship.
    I don’t tell them anything to personal about me.
    Even if an escort knows that you’re in a relationship or not makes no difference to them, but only to yourself.

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