22 Names For Vagina From Around The World

Women love their vaginas, and men love them even more, so we shouldn’t find it weird that they all have nicknames for vagina all over the world, should we?

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Of course, there are some very confusing vaginal euphemisms out there, but there are many that just put a smile on our face when hearing them.

We have to admit that the English language doesn’t lack words when it comes to talking about and even with a vagina. Some of them are funny and cute while some are rude and obscene. But today we are not discussing how people add body parts to their ways of swearing.

However, it is quite interesting that what is rude in some parts of the world is quite welcomed in others. For instance, in Scotland, cunt is not considered a vulgar word for a vagina. But if I were living there, or if I were one of the sexy escorts in Scotland, I would prefer you using different terms for my beautiful pussy.

So, pay attention to what is following, because today is all about getting closer to the lady bits of women all over the world.

Why do we use nicknames for our vagina? Well, probably the naming of the vagina started because of religious or cultural boundaries, however, now it’s just a way to play with it, isn’t it? If you want to call your pussy, vagina, it’s alright, but many women and loads of men find this word too boring to express the awesomeness of their honey pot.

There are people who just use childish nicknames like tussu in Estonia or boba in Spain, to talk about their muffins, but as you will see, there are others who let their imagination run free and find a resemblance between vaginas and food, animals or objects. And here are some interesting nicknames for vagina I gathered from different countries!

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Personally, I am not a cat person, though I own a little pussy myself. But since many people see a strong connection between kitties and vaginas, there might be a resemblance.
So, if you go to France and want to have a romantic rendezvous with a sensual girl or an experienced courtesan, you might want to play with her beautiful Minette, which means small cat, of course.

From France, you can easily commute to Germany and play with a charming kitty and call it Muschi. Yes, cats are slang for vagina is many countries around the world. Even in Japan, they call their ladies’ part Koneko-chan, which is, obviously, translated as Kitten.

Of course, we all know that many Japanese have twisted minds, so musume is also a name for their ladies’ pussy. And it means…daughter. Yes, this is very odd, but it works for them. However, I hope no man calls my pussy his daughter. Eww!

Real Canadian Eat Beaver

But cats aren’t the only animals that have inspired people to find nicknames for vaginas. Try going to Sweden and saying that a mus scares you. Let’s see how many gorgeous Swedish women you get that day. The word means mouse and it is also used as a nickname for a vagina.

In Poland, women’s pussy is a cipka which means a chicken or a chick. Well, I can actually see the resemblance here. And there is since there are many other countries where they use bird related nicknames.

In Spain, a lady’s bit is also a Palomita, meaning little dove or popcorn (both could work, right?). At the same time, in both Portugal and Romania, they call their ladies’ parts, birdies. The actual words are passarinha in Portuguese and păsărică in Romanian.

As you can see, the vagina has many cute names in all languages and that’s because everybody loves pussies. But no country loves and respects pussies more than Canada does. Otherwise, why would they call vagina just like their prominent symbol, the beaver? And if you watched “How I Met Your Mother” you probably know that…two beavers are always better than one!

Eat Pussy, It’s Organic!

As mentioned above, there are many food-related nicknames for pussy. If you ask me that makes sense, since … who doesn’t like vaginatrian men?

Now gentlemen, France is famous for its cuisine, isn’t it? Well, how about having Moules, but after dinner this time? As you probably guessed, moule is the French word for mussel and if you think about it, mussels look a lot like our pussies. And they are delicious!

Planning a trip to Switzerland? If you are a lonely traveler, you might want to have a special encounter with a Swiss schnäggli. Ok, I didn’t want to sound silly but that’s how pussy is called. It means snail and, as you know, it is edible.

Can you see a connection between pussies and fruits? Well, I would call them passion fruits, but in Portugal, a pussy is also known as the fruto proibido. Yes, that is the forbidden fruit and in a kinky way I kind of like it.

But if you go to Spain, you can taste a ladies’ delicious higo, which means fig. At the same time, if you like plums, I advise you to date a lovely Bulgarian lady and savor her mouth-watering slíva.

And man, South Americans must be really fond of eating pussy since they call it cajeta, which means fudge. But if you ask me, Serbian people are those who really know how to enjoy a woman’s pussy since their nickname for it is pizza. And yes, it means just that. Honestly, I don’t know anybody who can say not to pizza!

Well, these are just some of the nicknames for vagina people use all over the world. If you know more affectionate names used for referring to a sweet pussy, share them with us, by commenting below! Sharing is caring, ladies and gentlemen!

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