How does it feel to be dating someone older than you? Let’s ask Zoe Jaspers

Ok, I’m going to answer that question. It feels like you’re on a completely different platform than all your other generation Y partners. I can only speak from my experiences of dating older guys. I’ve never dated a woman who’s 10 years my senior….yet.

Older man and younger woman on couch

When it comes to dating MILFs, sugar mamas, or mature escorts, only you would be able to tell that story. I guess the experiences are mutual. I mean, men and women aren’t totally different, are they?

From my perspective, not every 40-year-old would have the same kind of wisdom or attitude that you’d expect from them. There have been times when I’ve met 16 year-olds disguised as 30 year-olds, but that still hasn’t put a damper on my interest in older guys.

But for those intrigued by people taking age out of the dating equation, how does it feel to date someone older than you?

You feel like you’re dating Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is the only older guy for me, people my age would enjoy having a dinner date with him

Look at him! You can’t tell me that he doesn’t look hot for his age (currently 52 years old).

If you think that Robert Downey Jr. has had many experiences in life, then you should think the same for any older men that would come their way. They’ve been through all the life lessons that you may be currently learning right now.

So, whatever personal issue you want to bring up during your dinner date at a swanky brasserie, you can be sure that they’ll empathise with you. And what does empathy bring to the table? More topics that you can discuss with him. Bye-bye, awkward silences and questions about your occupation.

For all the demisexuals that are reading this, eating medium-rare steak with an older person is a great way to create the emotional connection you need to build a romantic relationship with him or her.

You feel like they actually want to know you than bed you. Then again, after the dinner dates, the movie nights, the walks on the beach and other lovey-dovey shit like that, you’ll start pondering about how good they must be in bed, which is all explained next.

You feel like your sex life has never been so awesome

older people are more likely to give you orgasms in bed than millennials, and be kinkier and exotic in sex

Unless that person hasn’t been with many guys or girls in their life, you can’t say that older people don’t fuck well. Also, you can’t say that they’re completely boring in bed.

Generation X may be more conservative than our current generation, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried a bit of whipping or rimming before. I once went out with a 34-year-old who is a hardcore BDSM fan, but still had a lot of conservative ideologies that most liberals want to obliterate.

One word of advice: don’t mix politics and sex together.

Whether you route for the First Minister of Scotland or not should not get in the way of your morning blowjobs. Back to what I was talking about…You can bet that a senior person, whether they would be an older man or a mature woman, would have more experiences than a person of your age…

Unless that person has had a lot of extensive research in knowing how to make a woman cum in the most pleasurable or intense way possible. That’s quite unlikely, though.

You can pretty much ask any person from Generation X if they’ve ever done something kinky or eccentric in the bedroom, as well as discuss the ways they can make a person orgasm. Therefore, you’ll feel like you’re guaranteed an orgasm every time you fuck. How awesome is that?!

You feel like no else could care for you better

older people don't treat you like a piece of shit if they stop dating you

There’s no denying that an older person would have more wisdom and empathy than a millennial. There’s also no denying that an older person may have a harder time falling in love than a millennial.

Yes, if you have the intention of dating someone older, and then develop a relationship with him or her, you may have to put in the work to make them realise that your intentions are sincere. If you drop the question of ‘will you go out with me?’ to your senior dater, the answer will come out in two ways:

1. “I’m sorry, honey. I really like you but I don’t think we would work out as a couple. We are just two different people on different paths…please don’t be so angry on Facebook.”

2. “Really? You’re ready to make it official, albeit Facebook official? Sure!”

One thing you can be certain about is that the older person wouldn’t act like a knobhead if they give you answer no. 1. They’ll definitely try and give you as much closure as you’d need, as well as try and keep in touch with you. Older people like having other people to talk to; they’re not senile.

If you’re lucky and you receive answer no. 2, they wouldn’t take you to see your friends and show you off like a trophy, they’d have another dinner date with you and only you. They’d show you off to your friends later. So, whether you’ll get accepted or rejected, you’ll feel like you’re treated like an actual human being.

How old is older, though?

how old do you have to be if you're going to get classed as an older person?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you should read my Escort Scotland blogs more often.

I mentioned in my previous blog that I would normally set the age range between 5-10 years more than mine. Or, if you want the range generalised, you’d have to be 35 years-old to be classified as an ‘older person’ .

If you already have a negative perspective of going out with an older person, you shouldn’t! By the time a person hits 30, they’re in their goddamn pride.

They know what they want, who they like, and who they want to fuck in life. They’re not going to have you dangling on a string like a 17-year-old hipster that wants to have their gluten-free cake and eat it. Nope!

So, if I’m hooked up with Robert Downey Jr and you ask me the question:

“How does it feel to be dating someone older than you?”

I’d say:

“It feels like I’m dating Robert Downey Jr.”

In other words:

“It feels fucking awesome.”

Oh, and:

“It feels like you’re on a completely different platform than all your other partners from Generation Y.”

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