3 Signs You Should Stop Sleeping With Your Ex

Don’t deny it. You’ve had sex with an ex-partner once, and it felt good. Really good…

I admit that I hooked up with a guy from the past a couple of times before, and it felt like the old flames that I once had for that man suddenly fired up in my vagina. However, it was the only area on (or in) my body where the fire reignited.

Unhappy couple in bed

After a couple of weeks of having booty-calls with him, I began to realise why he became my ex in the first place. That was when I decided to put my foot down and text the words:

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to pack for this kind of trip anymore…”

That’s wasn’t what I really said, but something similar.

Anyway, bad blood started to leak out, and I thought that I would have had a better time with a gorgeous escort that wouldn’t treat me like a condom after coitus. Because I am a nice lady and I don’t want you to suffer from the mistakes that I made, I want you to be aware of the signs that tell you to end it with your ex for good.

Believe me when I say that you should be the one to turn your back first; it makes the full breakup less painful for you to experience.

#1 They Only Text You About How They Miss Your Body

You Should Stop Having Sex With Your Ex When They Only Text You About How They Miss Your Body

I remember being jaded by these kinds of texts when I was still talking with an ex…It was around a month after he ended our relationship of one and a half years, but we were still chatting with each other for a little while.

One weekend, I received a text from him asking me how I was, and I just replied with a simple:

“Yeah, I’m fine. What are you up to?”

And that was when the small talk started.

Now, you know that when someone begins chatting about something with a lot of sexual euphemisms or implications, it can either go two ways.

One, you turn into Grumpy Cat and you just type ‘NO.’ in capital letters. Either that, or post the actual meme. Two, you start to play along with it until you end getting into full-on, hardcore sexting, and you’ll have your ex-partner knocking on your door to fuck your brains out. The same way that they used to when you first started going out with them.

Your ex would start sending you semi-romantic messages like:

“…I miss having your body close to mine…”

“…I miss the way your pussy tastes…”

“…I’ve been thinking about riding your dick again…”

“…I want you to feel how hot I get when I’m close to you…”

And you can’t help but feel something heat up in your chest.

However, if nothing else is progressing from those texts, and they’re acting like a broken record, then you should stop getting naked for them. If they’re not asking you to go out for coffee, or go for a long walk or shit like that, then you’ll just feel like everything is going backwards between you and your ex.

That isn’t good a thing, and it could stop you from seeing other people.

#2 You’re Only Having Sex With Them, Even Though You’re Technically Single

You Should Stop Having Sex With Your Ex When You're Only Having Sex With Them, Even Though You're Technically Single

Normally at the end of a relationship, you either take a break from the dating scene, or you go straight back onto it and enjoy the many men and women you want to get a bit freaky with. What’s not normal is ending the relationship and still have your ex as the only sex provider in your life.

Converting your relationship into a sexual one with your former flame is ok-ish if your feelings have settled, and you’re fine with having a few flings every now and again. But if you both recently killed the romance but keep the sex alive, you’re still restricting yourself to that one person, and you still hold the idea that you should remain monogamous with that person.

That idea will make you think:

“Hey, maybe we’ve made a mistake and I think we should make it official again on Facebook.”

And depending on the circumstances, that can be a good thing. But if the other person doesn’t share the same feelings as you do, then sex with the ex can be detrimental on your emotions.

#3 They Make No Attempt To Rekindle The Relationship

You Should Stop Having Sex With Your Ex When They Make No Attempt To Rekindle The Relationship

If you’re struggling to find a sign that tells you to stop having sex with your ex and end it with them for good, then this would be it. Then again, this sign can also go two ways, depending on your emotional status.

If your romantic feelings for each other are totally dead, but your sexual desires are still on fire, then that’s fine. It’s strange, but it’s fine. However, if you two are on different wavelengths, and they are not making any effort in rekindling the relationship, then you need to pluck up the courage to stay:

“No. No more.”

It’s not fair for your former lover to still have you as their fuck buddy when you want something more. It’s worse when they still have you as their fuck buddy WHILE they’re dating other people.

I was on the receiving end, and it felt like I was having a cardiac arrest every time I received a text message from my ex, saying:

“We should just stay as friends.”

People, you don’t need to experience those cardiac arrests with former partners that want your sex but not your love. You can have the courage to pick up the scissors and cut the chord, so you can start afresh and ravage the next good-looking person you see without any guilt or regrets. If I can do it, so can you.

And if you feel like you’re turning away from the best sex of your life, you’re not. There are currently over 7 billion people in the world right now, so I’m sure one of them can fuck you better than your ex.

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