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At some point in your life you will have found yourself having a fantasy about a sexy mature woman. Perhaps it was a teacher at school or a gorgeous celebrity on a TV show? Whatever the circumstances, mature women have a certain appeal that makes them very desirable and it is a reason that female mature escorts are so sought-after.

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Meeting Mature Escorts

With a mature escort it feels almost forbidden - they are older than you, and yet you long to spend more time with them. You want to get to know them better and learn more about them, which is why arranging a date with a sexy mature woman is the perfect way to experience that fantasy.

One of the greatest advantages of dating a mature female escort ahead of a younger girl is that they have a real understand of their bodies and just what to wear to make your pulse race. With age comes wisdom and they know what sexy dresses best flatter their curves. These mature girls are experts in conversation, able to talk about a range of topics with ease and can keep you entertained all night.

Your Date With a Mature Escort

Mature women make the perfect companions in a huge range of situations because of their age. They have a great deal of wisdom and have learned a lot over the years, meaning you can have a perfect date with a mature escort. They can help you impress at a work party or make a dinner date following a night at theatre more entertaining for you. This is something they have over younger girls.

Whatever you desire in a companion, you will find that the perfect date with a mature escort is all you need. Take a look at the pages of female mature escorts and give them a call. You may just find the right woman for you.


Escort Scotland have an active community made up of both escorts and clients. This is what the community have been saying about Mature Escorts...

veryshyguy veryshyguy last month
dont ever go without condom.
take a shower when offered.
be nice. and choose a mature lady :D View discussion
Glasgowboundary81 Glasgowboundary81 2 months ago
Of course they are better! They have such confidence and know that THEY kno how to hav a good time. It's all about total eroticism, and with mature n se y women that is off the scale! View discussion
McPiehole McPiehole 4 months ago
The best session like this I ever had, was with this lass (in her early 20’s) who I had visited several times. On one occasion she asked me if I fancied a 3some with a mature lady. I said ok and she returned to the bedroom with a good looking woman in her late 40’s / early 50’s. It transpired that it was her mother!

Both ladies were great fun, and very sexy
What's their address?
Sounds like my kind of party :D View discussion
theladyloves theladyloves Dec 21, 2014
Hello robroy

well keep an eye on my profile or call me on 07402533151 when you see Im in Aberdeen, my next visit will be 24th January 2015 for a week. If your into seeing mature fuller figured ladies then I will look forward to seeing you.

salina :) View discussion
Kendra Kendra Dec 3, 2014
So you have an age limit, how does it effect you?
I don't blame you for having a limit, as I know I wouldn't want an older person on top of me.

As long as my client is clean and respectful then I don't care if he's 100 years old because I am just providing a service, I'm not gonna marry him and I can separate in my mind the difference between my work and my private life. In my private life, I like men my own age but as an escort, I really... View discussion
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