What is a Pornstar Escort Experience?

Most people are immensely satisfied by traditional, but sexy encounters with escorts and they are continuously looking for the services they offer. Many men find the GF experience a huge delight and they are always looking for escorts who enjoy offering this service.

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However, there are also people who are intrigued by the chance of having a hard-core date with a porn star. People all over the world fantasise so much about having sex with Jenna Jameson for instance, that her name became a noun for many of them. Telling your girlfriend “ You’re such a Jenna Jameson” when she gets a bit wild, is something that happens a lot.

But having sex with your favourite porn star is not something that can happen this Saturday night, is it? Yet, enjoying a PSE with your wild girlfriend or a talented escort, is!

We All Love Porn- What is PSE?

In the past, people, especially ladies, used to be ashamed to talk about porn. Nobody was actually watching porn though many people had collections of DVDs and magazines hidden under their beds.

Those times were harsh for everybody who liked a bit of pornography in their lives. Can you imagine having to go out and buy the Penthouse magazine in order to see a boob? Of course you cannot, because now pornography is literally everywhere!

If you go online you see pictures and videos, when you go to the library you find erotic novels. And you don’t even have to go there, since you can actually read them ONLINE.

And here is where you can find even things you never thought about! So, if you see them, why not think about them? Who didn’t watch a porn video and ended up fantasising about something they never thought about before seeing that movie? But what about doing everything we see and like?

Not All People Have Dirty Minds..


Some people are lucky and they are on the same page with their partners. If you have an open-minded partner you can talk about the porn movie that inspired you and gave you naughty thoughts.
You might be one of the fortunate people whose partners are up for it, but you might also not.

The truth is that it usually takes a confident woman and man to make it work. None of the people involved in a porn game can lay back and relax while the other is…performing.

So, in case your partner is eager to get kinky in the porn star style, get ready for an amazing experience. But if your partner is not into this, don’t insist too much. The whole idea is for both people to go rough and enjoy each other wildness.

…But Most Escorts Do!

The best news is that, even if your partner is lacking uninhibitedness, you can still live out your fantasies since there are so many kinky escorts and they are ready to offer people the so much desired porn star experiences.

How is a PSE with an escort? Well, it is exactly how you see in the movies. That is what you are looking for, right? The good thing is that escorts who offer PSE are into this as much as you are. And… they are not actresses! Why is that so good? They do not act! They love it kinky and they love to moan loudly!

But, there is a difference between porn movies and going to escorts. While in movies people have sex without condoms, PSE in escorting is not similar. Trustworthy escorts don’t vaginal or anal sex without protection.

Additionally, always remember that many things should remain fantasies…Why? Well, sometimes what’s great in your head and on a screen ends up being disastrous in real life. However, if something turns out to be horrible, it doesn’t mean all your fantasies are in danger! Just keep this in mind!

From Spooning to Forking- What to Expect from PSE?

When you decide to have the PSE you want so much, don’t forget to discuss the activities you are interested in. It is true that women who specialize in PSE are absolutely fantastic when it comes to sex and they are known for having less limitations than other escorts, and for being kinky by nature. However, just talk about your desires and negotiate the activities before booking a hot encounter!

After you negotiated with your porn star escort and booked the date, you must get ready for it, right?

Depending on your fantasies, the PSE might include Russians, facials, oral or anal sex and even rimming so, you better clean yourself before going! The experience has to be pleasant for both of you and, you know what they say, you have to be clean if you want to get dirty!

Sheet Ripping, Sweat Dripping, Loud Screaming, Leg Trembling, Hair Pulling…What Else?

As mentioned above, you have to negotiate the activities before setting up a date with the escort. So what are you looking for?

For example, many men can’t make their partners interested in anal sex…Well, we are not here to judge people, we are here to offer solutions. Do you know how many courtesans enjoy anal sex? LOADS! You just have to talk to those who mention anal as one of their favourite activities.

It’s important to talk about this before because putting your penis inside their butt without asking will be as pleasant as you catching your wife in bed with your brother. So be honest about your likes and dislikes.

Of course, unlike in movies, anal and vaginal sex will be done using a condom, just as I mentioned before. BUT, there is something about oral sex you might want to know before beginning your negotiation.

There are many escorts willing to offer you an OWO! I bet you like unknown abbreviations as much as grown ups like Justin Bieber. Well, this means oral without a condom. Now we’re talking, right?

And you know what that means, don’t you? If you find the right person and you negotiate better than you did with your partner when discussing anal sex, the OWO could have an ending as happy as a CIM, CIF or COB! These abbreviations can drive crazy every newbie. I am talking about cumming in her mouth, on her face, or other parts of her body! I can see the large smile on your face!

What else? POSITIONS, of course! You might be stuck in the missionary position right now, but get ready for some crazy sex. Just like they do it in porn movies, you and your sexy escort can constantly change positions during your encounter.

However, don’t go crazy and try to change them every 30 seconds! That will be less of a porn movie and more of a marathon. I know you have a thirst for trying new things, but let’s keep it sexier than a quest. You can have more encounters, anyway.

Is that all? Not really! You can do whatever you see in the porn movies you watch, as long as the escort agrees with it! So call your favourite escort and see if she’s in!

As mentioned above, this experience usually needs two confident people but if you are less self-assured and your confidence is not your strength, you can work on that with the help of an escort. Actually this experience can help you a lot with building or restoring your confidence.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you did it before, if you feel like a porn star yourself, or you just want to have the lead role in your favourite porn movie though you’re normally a bit shy to go for rough sex outside your own thoughts.

Either way, the escort will offer you exactly what you want and need in the most sensual pornographic manner!

If this is something you’ve always dreamed about, just do it! Find an escort who is into all those things that really turn you on and set up the date. You don’t have anything to lose from this, do you?

And if you had a PSE experience, comment below and tell us more about it! Sharing is caring after all!

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