The Best Foreplay Advice From Women

If you are a man struggling to get to grips with the right and wrong things to do during foreplay, you’ll find that the best people to ask for advice are actually women. After all, we are usually the ones that you are hoping to fuck, and so who better to ask for help? But for whatever reason, a lot of men feel uncomfortable saying to their partner “honey, I want to make you feel amazing in bed. Have you got any foreplay tips for me to try out on you?”

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Instead of seeing this kind of question as what it is, which is simply asking for some advice, a lot of people seem to believe it is a sign of weakness. It really isn’t! You aren’t a mind reader, and all you’d be doing by asking is letting your partner know that you want to get it right for them in bed. Of course, you might still struggle with asking the all important questions, which is why on the Escort Scotland blog we have put together some of the best foreplay advice from women.

Foreplay and fondling go hand in hand

For some women, they struggle to get properly turned on with traditional foreplay. They find it boring and predictable and are sometimes seeking something slower and sensual to enjoy in the bedroom.

Before you start kissing them, offer to give them a sensual massage. Most women will jump at the chance to have your hands rubbing up and down their bodies and easing their aches and pains away, and it gives you a new form of foreplay to try out.

Start off slowly at the very tips of their fingers and work your way in. Take your time, spreading all of your hand across their body, but avoid touching their tits, ass, or cunt. We know that these are the first places you’ll want to go, but try to resist.

Instead, avoid them at all costs until you have rubbed every inch of their body. It will be challenging at first, but the lack of contact on the places they really want you to go will get them really turned on and they might just start begging for you to touch them… then the real fun begins!

Leave the pussy alone

When you think about foreplay, you probably think about eating pussy, or at least ramming your fingers in there as fast as you can in the hope that they will suddenly orgasm and tell you what a god you are in bed, but you’re doing it wrong.

Foreplay is not all about fingers in pussies or lips on clits. In fact, going straight for that often makes us think that you have no imagination in bed, and that can leave us feeling very unsatisfied after a while, so try something different.

With foreplay, try and make the pussy the very last place that you go to. It can be hard to do, especially if you have a real love and talent for eating pussy, but there are other ways to turn her on. Instead, try putting your lips to use on her neck and tits to turn her on.

Explore all of her body with your mouth. Not only will you discover some new hotspots that you didn’t know about before, but she will find the change really arousing as she can’t predict what you will do next. She’ll just be reading and waiting for you to finish her off and bring her to orgasm.

Learn to apply the brakes!

Foreplay goes by really quickly. It might be a few minutes of licking pussy and sucking cock and then all of a sudden someone has been flipped over, the condom has been rolled on, and the covered cock is sliding into the wet pussy.

For whatever reason, people believe that sex is all about the intercourse. Okay, so that might be the final thing you want to do in bed, but if you try out other things and stop rushing for it you’ll have way more fun.

The whole point of foreplay is to tease your partner, drive them wild, and ultimately get them as turned on as possible. Those struggling to come to terms with this might simply want to make the aim of foreplay to tease their partner as much as possible. You’ll find you love it much more that way.

If you struggle to apply the brakes, let your partner lead the fun. She can take things nice and slow and the odds are she will want to tease you until you beg her for more. Let her and just enjoy the sensations that you feel instead of going straight for the pussy.

You don’t need a degree in eating pussy

Eating pussy is one of the more popular forms of foreplay. For a start, men seem to love doing it and it helps to get the woman nice and wet… and yet a lot of women don’t enjoy it.

This is because they have never had it done properly. Some people will try to shove their entire tongue into the cunt and wiggle it around, thinking this is how it works… but it really doesn’t, and when you learn how to eat pussy, you’ll see it isn’t that complicated.

Take it slowly and keep doing the same thing if your partner starts moaning. Gently rubbing your tongue from side to side on her clit while your fingers slowly slide in and out is pretty much guaranteed to get her off… but you must take your time. Don’t rush her, as this can make her dry up quicker than you can say “oops”, and if you do it properly she’ll appreciate the attention.

Do you enjoy foreplay or would you rather skip to the main event? Let us know in the comment bo below or by visiting the Escort Scotland forum.

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