The Questions Punters Need To Stop Asking Escorts!

I’m one of those people who likes to ask a lot of questions of others. As a curious person, I’ll want to know more about everything. I recently sat down with a friend in a polyamorous relationship and we had a very long and open discussion about what that meant for him.

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While I love to talk and question people to find out more about things, I know that there are limits. Certain topics should be avoided, and it can be infuriating if someone ignores these rules. It’s the same for escorts.

Curious punters might want to know certain things, but there are topics you shouldn’t touch. Not sure what they are? Here are the questions that punters really need to stop asking escorts.

“What’s your real name?”

The majority of escorts work under a pseudonym. They want to keep their working life and their personal life separate. For some, it is because they don’t want to have to face the stigma surrounding the industry in their everyday lives. Others do it because they want to put a line between their professional work, making sure clients know exactly where they stand.

Yet one of the things punters choose to ask escorts is “what’s your real name?”. The chances of you ever being told their real name are slim. They want to keep their lives separate for a reason, so respect that and don’t start asking for personal information.

This goes for a lot of the other questions you might be tempted to ask. Avoid asking things like: “do you have a boyfriend?” and “does your family know about your job?”. Do you really need to know those answers?

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“Do you really like your job?”

Believe it or not, this is something else escorts get a lot. They find themselves constantly being queried by clients about whether they actually enjoy the job that they do. You might think that it is a seemingly innocent question, but it doesn’t come across in the way that you think it does.

Before speaking the query out loud, think about why it is on your mind. If you feel that something is going on, you need to report it. For example, if you suspect trafficking or exploitation, it is a matter for the police. You should leave the premises and contact Police Scotland. If you’d rather remain anonymous, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out the secure online form on their site.

Asking purely out of curiosity? You are actually reinforcing the stigma that sex work isn’t a job that people should enjoy. If you, a client, don’t think that they should be happy in their work, what does that say about them? It actually says more about you than them, so you shouldn’t be asking this question to someone you’re enjoying a date with.

“Can you tell me about other clients/escorts?”

Gossip is a big thing in the escort industry. People want to get the best gossip that they can. They feel that knowing more about the other escorts somehow changes their standing. They also like the idea that they are better than other clients because of the things that they know about them.

Regardless, gossiping isn’t going to do you any good. Don’t start asking your favourite escort for the inside gossip on the other escorts or clients that they see. It’s rude, for a start, but that isn’t the only reason to avoid this particular topic of conversation.

You want a discreet companion, right? If your companion starts gossiping with you, they are just as likely to gossip with others about you. That is why most escorts will tell you that they don’t gossip when you ask. They are being discreet, which is what you want. Don’t put them in an awkward position by asking for information they don’t want to share!

If she gossips with you, she'll gossip with others
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Other questions to avoid

Curiosity killed the cat, and it can also kill an escort’s desire to have a date with you. New punters might be tempted to ask questions because they are nervous, but it is one of the rookie mistakes punters make.

It is an easy one to avoid if you use our guide, or check out the amazing video below. What other questions do you think need adding to the list of things you shouldn’t ask an escort? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

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