6 Rookie Mistakes Punters Make

Escorts expect and deserve a certain standard of behaviour, so when punters don’t deliver on it, it can turn a date sour. It can be something as simple as not arriving to the date on time to being so disrespectful that they ask you to leave. You might think you know the kind of behaviours that are unacceptable, but it seems that there are some rookie mistakes punters are making.

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Want to make sure you aren’t falling into the trap? Here on the Escort Scotland blog we take a look at the six rookie mistakes punters make so that you can avoid them. Maybe you want to know what it is really like to be a punter You can tell us all about them by leaving a comment in the box below, so why not join in the discussion and see what others have to say?

1. Not reading the escort profile

When you look at an escort’s profile, one of the first things that you will see are their pictures. Escorts put pictures up on their adverts so that you know exactly who you are going to be meeting. Seeing their pictures also tempts you a lot, as you can learn a lot about them simply by looking.

If you love a lady with long legs, or perhaps you enjoy admiring red hair, their pictures will show you if they suit your desires in a glance. However, one big mistake that punters make is using the profile pictures to decide if they are going to meet the escort.

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We get it. Their escort photo gallery is going to tempt you a lot. It might make you instantly think “this is the woman I need to call”. But deciding to call the escort and arrange a date without checking out the rest of the profile is one of the rookie mistakes punters can make.

There are so many other details on the profile that you need to check out first. For example, the images might not be accurate anymore, so things like hair colour might have changed. Their profile will also have a lot of other important information, such as their working hours, rates, and availability. This is essential to know before you call, as you could end up asking questions that you already have the answers to. So read the profile before you call.

2. Asking too many questions on the phone

Escorts get asked a lot of questions… and we mean a lot. Clients might have ideas for things that they want to happen during the date, so it is natural to want to see just what is possible. However, a number of escorts don’t like answering questions over the phone.

Sometimes client genuinely have a lot of questions they are hoping to get answered, but often this is a time waster technique. That is why a lot of clients won’t be happy if you constantly ask them questions.

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Asking a lot of questions can make it seem as though you have no interest in booking them. If you have questions, let the escort know that you have some things you’d like to talk about. Then make an appointment to talk with them in more detail.

You could even give them a general idea of the kind of date you are looking for so that they can prepare, and give yourself an extra half an hour or so before the appointment to discuss the details. It feels a lot better than asking fifty questions over the phone when you haven’t even booked!

3. Not knowing where you are going

When you have made your appointment, your chosen escort will usually give you a landmark location to visit. This location is one that is often easy to find and close to their location. It gives them the chance to see that you are a genuine client before you turn up, and they can then direct you better to their location.

However, sometimes, punters won’t think ahead. They will know the general area they are going to but not the specific spot, and when you are under pressure to get there on time, it is easy to get lost.

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Getting lost isn’t going to make you look good to your chosen escort. It is even worse if getting lost makes you late for the date. So instead of making this rookie mistake, you should learn exactly where you are going first.

If you still aren’t sure when it comes to giving the escort a confirmation where you are going, ask them. Get clearer directions to help you find it, and set off with plenty of time to spare. This will make sure you find it without trouble and that you don’t upset the escort by turning to late to the date.

4. Getting the payment wrong

When you see an escort, you’ll pay them in order to enjoy their time and companionship. This fun arrangement means that you get the chance to spend some quality time with a special somebody.

Some escorts choose to list their rates on their website, so that you can easily look at just how much you are going to be paying for each session. You’ll even get a confirmation on the phone when booking as to how much you will be paying for their time.

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This means that you should turn up with the right amount of money, and preferable the right change. Escorts tend not to have a lot of change on them, so if you are paying £80 for the date, make sure you have £80. It can make it awkward when you don’t, as you will end up leaving a hefty tip.

You also need to make sure you hand the money over first thing. Don’t make the escort ask for the money as this can really spoil the date. Hand it over straight away so that the business part has been dealt with… and you can instead concentrate on the fun stuff instead.

5. Trying to stay longer

You might be having an absolutely amazing time with your sexy lady. You might even find that you are wishing you had booked a longer appointment.

If that is the case, the best thing that you can do is learn from this error and book a longer appointment in the future. This gives you something amazing to look forward to. However, what you should not try to do is extend your appointment right then and there without talking to your chosen escort.

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It happens. You are having such a good time that you want to spend more time with them. However, trying to get more time from your chosen escort without discussing it is a bad move. You come across as jerk who doesn’t know when to leave, and your escort won’t feel comfortable with you there.

This is one of those rookie mistakes that people make without even realising it. They might even ask their escort for longer, only to be told no. Often this is because the escort has other plans arranged and they need to get ready, so they can’t book you in. So if your chosen escort says no, don’t try to push for longer. Just accept it and try to book a longer date in the future.

6. Getting too personal

The relationship you will build with your favourite escort is going to be amazing. You will feel close to them and have the kind of chemistry that many people can only hope for… and it is from this relationship that some of the biggest rookie mistakes appear.

You might feel the temptation to find out more about your chosen escort, asking them a number of personal questions to learn more. Things like “what is your real name?” and “are you single?” are the kind of things that you might usually be tempted to ask.

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The relationship between you and your chosen escort is one that should stay professional. Asking them too many personal questions can sour the experience.

Try to keep it as a business relationship. It is fine to be a regular client to an escort and it is fine to have a favourite escort to see. But you’ll find that you get the best dates when you keen the line between client and escort clear.

Other rookie mistakes

There are plenty of other rookie mistakes that you might find yourself making throughout your punting years. The important thing is to learn from them, instead of making them over and over again.

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Have you made some of the rookie mistakes listed above, or can you think of some other ones that we have missed? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below and joining in the discussion there.

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2 thoughts on “6 Rookie Mistakes Punters Make”

  1. Before I even open the blog, I was going to say that they don’t read the profiles first.
    When I was talking to a girl I met, she told me that they are always asking about what she does as they don’t read her profile. They haggle the price all the time and some ask personal questions.
    You have got to remember that the girl are here to make money, not to get attached, although there could be a very small chance of them maybe wanting to hook up. I ask myself this question a lot.
    If I was to date an escort, would I still be happy with her doing what she does?
    There are quite a few things that punter do that shouldn’t.

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