A Guide to Kissing!

Most people live with the impression that they are great at kissing, and that is something really good for their self-esteem but, wouldn’t it be better for everybody if they actually learned how to do it?

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Though many of you concentrate on being good at having sex, kissing comes before that and it can be one of the most intense erotic acts, unless you lick and suck your partner’s whole face, of course. So, it’s time to learn how to kiss each other!

We are different people and we don’t always have the same likes and dislikes. Well, you know what they say: different strokes for different folks. It’s the same with kissing. But if you keep your mind open, and you pay attention to your partner’s gestures, it’s not difficult to” meet them half way” and have an emotional kissing experience.

Now, though not all people enjoy kissing in the same way, there are some universal rules that should be followed by all of us, and they are gathered in the guide below.

On Your Marks, Get Set…

Before you even get close to your partner, you have to make sure you’re ready for that Hollywood kiss you dream about. The first thing you have to keep in mind is to always carry a mint with you. Your kissing technique is important but the ways you smell and taste are also crucial. So, you better have those mints in your pocket all the time.

In addition, you don’t want your lips to be crusty or chapped and to stick to your partner’s mouth. You want to have moist lips who scream “Kiss me, baby!” The best lubricant is saliva, so, within a few moments of approaching your companion, just lick your lips!

“Kiss Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”

So, you are ready to kiss the girl of your dreams. Though being nervous can sometimes make men even more attractive, it is better to calm down and act in a relaxed manner. Just don’t jump on her face, and lick her all over spreading saliva in her mouth, chin and even nose.

Do you find that gross? It happened to me a few years ago. The funny part is that I was dating” Prince Charming”, the guy every girl wanted. Unfortunately, I almost drowned and faced death when he kissed me. So, a kiss it’s just a kiss, but it made me decide that being Cinderella was being better than being covered in saliva.

Now, just begin with making eye contact with your partner while slowly getting closer to her face. A slow move will help you build the tension and make sure she want so be kissed. If she pulls back, stop man!

But if she moves towards you, get closer and closer until you almost touch her soft lips. Now, tilt your head a little to the side, slowly close your eyes, part your lips and touch hers. Do not open your mouth wide like you are trying to eat the most delicious chocolate cake.

Lip Play, Not Dental Work

Is that so difficult? Now you are where you wanted to be. Please use your lips properly. I can still remember when I was younger and completely in love with one of my closest friends’ brother. My secret love lasted for more than a year and when he asked me out I felt like I witnessed a miracle.

Well, my fantasy was destroyed by his kiss. He scratched me with his teeth so badly that I had to pull back and check if the guy had lips. The lips were there but he had no idea that they play an important role in kissing.

So, use those lips and gently play with hers. Don’t just kiss her lower lip all the time. Play around. At the same time let your partner play with you. It’s not that hard, is it?

A Little Tongue Is Welcomed When Kissing

Without devouring your partner’s face, gently bring your tongue into the game. You can start by licking her lips and only after a few moments start playing with her tongue.
A little tongue never hurt anybody.
However, make sure she wants yours inside her mouth since you don’t want to end up doing this against her desires. For instance, if you are single and you usually see escorts, don’t assume they want to be French kissed. First of all, if you are a newbie, check out this useful guide before calling a courtesan.

Then, don’t forget that, while sex can be a liberating, necessary experience, kissing is something more intimate that happens between two people who have strong feelings for each other.

In case you are not in a relationship and you want to experience tongue kissing, a girlfriend experience is what you are looking for. Just like in the case of a life partner, make sure your sexy companion is on the same page before you do intimate things.

Forcing your tongue in somebody’s mouth is just not cool, man!

Use Your Hands. Delicately

If you want an incredible kissing experience, besides lips and tongue, you also have to properly use your hands. You can gently touch your companion’s face, neck and hair while softly kissing her lips.

Feeling romantic? Hold her hand while kissing and if you want to move forward and maybe enjoy a sensual sex session, tenderly move your fingers on her back and easily grab her wait. Her reactions will show you if she wants to get kinky or a kiss was enough!

These tips should be enough to help you experience an unforgettable kiss but if you have anything to add or ask, don’t be shy, join our online community or just comment in the box below!

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