Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Penis size is a continuous cause of anxiety for men all over the world, being one of the reasons why a large number of guys lack self-confidence. But is it really as big of a problem as it seems to be for them?

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First, let’s have a glimpse at the facts. According to many studies, the length of an average penis is between 5 and 6 inches, when in an erect state. Of course, this information is based on the assumption that when asked, men told the truth. That might be as accurate as the declared size of a fish caught by a professional fisherman. But we have to work with what we have, right?

When it’s not in an erect state, the length of a normal penis is somewhere between 3 and 4 inches. Of course, small non-erect penises grow more than large flaccid ones. This is why some are “showers” while we call the others “growers”.

Also, there is something that made women all over the world smile whenever they saw a man with big feet: the rumor that length of a penis is related with shoe number. Guess what? That is false! Just like the correlation with finger length, nose or height. I’m sorry ladies!

But even though there are women who specifically want big dicks for fun, most women consider that it’s extremely important how a man uses his penis and how he manages to satisfy them in different ways. Well, “penis in vagina” is just one part of the whole sex act, isn’t it?

While women understand that there is so much more about sex and the whole intimate relations than an extra inch or two, penis size clearly matters to a man!

Let’s Talk About the Small Penis Syndrome

Men like to show off. Even when they grow older and they understand that bragging doesn’t get them anywhere, they still feel like they have to demonstrate their manhood even though in a more subtle manner. Well, boys will be boys and their penises will remain their most important toys.

Most of them grow up comparing their penises’ size to others’. Then they are exposed to porn and get to see the immense penises of the actors and how women enjoy that.

Well, just like those glossy advertised women, who seem to have perfect bodies, full lips, sparkling teeth and shiny hair make real females feel worried and insecure about their appearances, the whole idea about “the bigger, the better” makes men anxious, intimidated and insecure about their own body.

There are extremely many men who are afraid their penis is not big enough to offer pleasure to a woman. And this gives them, even more, problems. Not only they cannot enjoy a sexual act, being too focused on their issues, but sometimes they can’t even get hard because of anxiety.

At the same time, many women believe that if they think they’re not enough, men work harder in pleasing them. Well, personally I have a different way of seeing things. I would strongly appreciate a man who works harder when it comes to my pleasure, but I would prefer this to be his desire, not a consequence of his fear and insecurity. I want my man to get satisfaction as well, not sweat and think about his dick being too small.

Of course, what is funny and tragic at the same time, is that the majority of men who have this concern are…normal and the size of their penises is perfect.

However, since they have an exorbitant worry, they begin suffering from a “small penis syndrome”. And this is not something easy. Continuously obsessing about the size of your dick, believing it is not enough makes men think they are not sufficient.

Is the Bigger Always the Better?

Is Jonah Falcon your idol, like Pamela Anderson used to be the top of the “I want to be like her” list for women with not so huge breasts? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you better think twice before dreaming about having Jonah Falcon’s dick attached to you, or inside you, depending on the situation.

The fact that big men can’t fit in most condoms is extremely far from being the issue when it comes to massive penises. Have you ever thought about…pain? Let me tell you a story.

It was the night before Christmas. No, I am messing around. It was a Saturday night and my friends and I were attending a fantastic party. I saw my roommate with the girl he was in love with dancing and having fun. After a while, I saw him again, but alone and sad having a pint. When I asked him what the hell was going on, he just invited me to ask the girl. Since I am curious by nature, I did. Guess what she said? “ Are you kidding me. He is HUGE. I am not putting that in this (I let you imagine the gestures. The story is quite sad, but she was kind of funny.)

That doesn’t mean you should cut the head of your penis if it’s big. There are women who enjoy having their cervix stimulated, so you’re fine. But, at the same time a 5 or 6 inches penis is perfectly fine for this to happen.

Another issue reported by many women was that guys with huge sexual organs tend to be lazy in bed, believing that having a big dick is enough. Oh, well news flash: a big dick is not mandatory, or as important as having the “moves like Jagger”. Therefore, it’s not enough!

So, Does It Actually Matter or Not?

There are women who only experience orgasm from vaginal penetration. Though many of them actually enjoy big dicks and strongly believe the penis length is crucial, technically it might not be so important. It seems that there is no need for a long dick to reach and stimulate the G-spot and create a vaginal climax.

At the same time, while many men have concerns about the length of their toys…the majority of women are more interested in the width. Now, don’t imagine she wants you to have a watermelon in your pants, but it appears the extremely skinny penises can’t stimulate the outer part of the vagina.

Of course, a too long or too wide penis can actually make oral and anal sex uncomfortable and even impossible…So, be careful what you wish for because you might not get other things…!

Also, when concerning about size, many men don’t take into consideration that vaginas adapt! How about that? Yes, it is said that, instead of being actual space, the vagina is called a potential space. They adapt to fit the size of the penis. Isn’t that romantic? Well, at least, it’s helpful, making any penis fit a lady’s pussy and offer her stimulation.

In conclusion, if you have a one-inch penis, I can’t say it’s perfect. But it is not the end of the world, as long as, without feeling insecure about yourself, you just compensate through other things. As mentioned before, the actual intercourse is just a part of the whole sexual activity. There are so many other things a man can do and blow a women’s mind!

Yes, size can matter a lot if you are really bad at everything else. The intercourse is important, but it’s been so overrated that not only it created insecurities among men, but also made them concentrate less on what actually makes the “penis in vagina” so good.

This is why you should all remember the foreplay, the actual playing with each other’s body and exploring your sensitive spots, instead of just performing the “ in and out move” and waiting for an orgasm. Then, size will be something long forgotten.

Anna Smith

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