Ten Health Benefits of Sex!

Have you ever thought about the health benefits of the sexy time you have with your partner? OK, my question might sound silly. How can you actually think about sex as a good way to boost your immune system or to maintain your healthy weight when you’re horny?

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Well, fortunately, regular sex can do more than you imagine. Not only does it blow your mind and make you feel closer to your partner, but it has also a high number of surprising health benefits.

It’s Time to Boost that Immune System

If you have a regular sexual life, you can kiss the flues goodbye
! If you don’t, you had better start having sex because it might give you higher levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) and that BOOSTS IMMUNITY, defending your body against all kinds of germ and viruses.

So, what if it’s the cold season? You won’t catch a cold because you have sex!

Heart Health is a Great Wealth!

If being protected from flues and colds didn’t sound like a big deal, how about the fact
that men who have sex on a regular basis have fewer chances to develop heart disease?

You are probably wondering what does “ on a regular basis” mean. Well, if you have sex at least twice a week you are 45 percent less likely to have a heart issue.

How does this happen? Well, sex is as beneficial as exercising for our health, and in addition to that, it also helps the estrogen and testosterone stay in balance.

Now you see how sex goes hand in hand with HEART HEALTH?

Have Sex and Kiss the Pain Away!

People who have regular sexual activity, seem to be having less pain. Is it hard to believe? Well, when you have sex, the hormone known as oxytocin rises and endorphins increase. At the same time PAIN LESSENS.

You might be wondering what kind of pain. Well, sex might make the symptoms of arthritis, PMS, as well as the headaches easily go away.

Now you know what you need when you have that annoying migraine! No pills for you anymore!

Do You Want to Work that Body? It’s Time to Sexercise!

Did you know that you can burn between 85 to 250 calories while having some fun in bed? Of course, it depends on the lengths of your sexy sessions, since a quickie is not as demanding as a longer encounter!

I bet there is no better news for people who want to STAY FIT but exercising is not their favourite activity! Fortunately, sexercising is something that we all like!

So, instead of putting those running shoes on, take everything off and start working that ass out!

The More Sex You Have, The Prettier You Look!

No matter the age or gender, we can all have skin problems. Of course, as we grow older they appear even if we used to have the most beautiful face. What if I told you that sex makes you literally glow? This might sound incredible, but people who have a regular sexual life actually look younger!

When saying orgasms BEAUTIFY THE SKIN, I might sound hilarious. But this is true. When you have an orgasm you have a rush of endorphins and growth hormones, like DHEA. How does this help? Well, it boosts the healing of sun or smoking damages.

So, instead of buying that expensive cream, how about having a quickie?

Do What Makes You Naked! – Sex and Happiness

Touching and hugging is extremely beneficial for all people. While being intimately involved with each other, you release a body’s natural “feel-good” hormone. And do you know how that helps? It can sooth STRESS and ANXIETY.

So, while you might be riding your partner for a carnal pleasure right now, if you are in a bad moment, your mood will definitely be heightened and the sex will REDUCE DEPRESSION.

And since we are talking about what makes us contented and how sex helps us achieve that happiness, sleep should be mentioned. How many of you have trouble falling asleep? I know I do, especially when I have something big planned for the next day!

Fortunately, sex can IMPROVE SLEEP, by making you feel relaxed and comfortable. How exactly does that happen? Well, your brain releases a couple of hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin that make you want to cuddle or just pass out.

I bet you know who wants to cuddle and who immediately falls asleep, don’t you?

Sex Says You’re Awesome: No More Self-Esteem Problems!

We live in an era where it’s quite hard to keep up with everything, especially with having a high self-esteem. It’s understandable since you have so many celebrities, TV Shows and magazines telling you who, what and how you should be.

What happen when you can’t have Kim Kardashian’s ass? Or Dan Bilzerian’s lifestyle? Yes, self-respect lowers! Sex is one of the things that BOOSTS YOUR SELF-ESTEEM. It even makes people who have a pretty a high confidence level feel better about themselves.

If the sex session involves loving gestures, a good connection and a great communication level your self-esteem grows significantly.

So, are you feeling low? You just need someone to have sex you with like there’s no tomorrow!

These are just some of the benefits of sex, and the reasons why you should stay sexually active. If you do so, a life of good health and happiness is waiting for you! So, start sexercising right away!

And if you have personal knowledge of more benefits, we want to know. So don’t be shy, comment below!

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