There’s A Festival In The UK For Swingers!

No matter what kind of things you enjoy in your life, there will be a festival or an event out there for you to attend. You’ll meet others who share your interests, and usually there are also vendors there selling things relevant to the lifestyle. Comic conventions have memorabilia for you to buy, fashion shows give you the chance to add things to your wardrobe… but these don’t compare to Swingfields.

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Swingfields is one-of-a-kind, as it is “the only UK festival for swingers, LGBT & lifestyle groups”. It is an event which has been going on for years, but is an “invite-only” festival, and only for those who are part of the lifestyle. Members of the press and the public are not allowed to attend. So what more can you learn about this exclusive festival?

Tickets aren’t available to everyone

When we say that Swingfields is an exclusive event, we mean it. The cost of tickets is enough to put some people off, but there are a number of other restrictions in place to keep out the press or simply curious members of the public eager to see an orgy.

Tickets cost anywhere between £89 (for an early bird 2 day ladies festival ticket) to £725 for those eager to enjoy the “party tent for 10-12”. This might seem like a lot of money, but it is a one-of-a-kind festival, and given the nature of the festival, the organisers are eager to keep it exclusive.

So how are they keeping members of the press and public out? When you register to buy tickets to the event, you’ll be asked to provide your profile name on the Fab Swingers website. They also ask if you are a member of certain swinging clubs to help them ensure you are a genuine swinger, and not just someone attending the event for the sake of it.

There are a number of restrictions in place, such as requiring attendees to have photo I.D. with them at all times, as well as wearing the appropriate coloured wristband to indicate to other festival goers their preferences. This is to help deter those who are not a part of the lifestyle.

They have had problems in the past with undercover reports managing to sneak in to try and get videos of what is happening, and others turn up because they expect attendees to simply be having a mass orgy in the middle of the event. But this isn’t what happens at the event.

Swinging isn't just about sex. It's about making connections
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A festival like no other

The co-founder of the event, Mike, has stated that this festival doesn’t seem any different from others you might see. “It would take you a good few hours to see anything different to any other festival”. No, people do not walk around naked with permanent erections just looking for sex. Guests must have their bottom halves covered when in the public areas of the festival, and whiel it is a swingers event, there are certain areas off-limits for these acts.

The festival creators are hoping that they have made a festival for swingers that is discreet, and so the perfect place for those involved in the lifestyle to go and enjoy themselves without drawing unwanted attention to themselves. That said, how many other festivals do you know with hot tubs, jelly wrestling, workshops, live demos, and music to create “the most hedonistic atmosphere?

They are also big on safety. There are sexual health charities with stalls at the event to encourage safe sex, and the event has been fully approved by the local council and police. While the co-founder states that it is like any other festival we already know there are a number of huge differences. One of the biggest, however, is that it has “one of the lowest alcohol spends per head of almost any festival”. Usually festivals tend to be full of people drinking and losing their inhibitions… but not Swingfields.

Swingfields is a festival like no other
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The ultimate event for swingers

The swinging community is one that is often kept relatively private, and for good reason. A lot of people don’t understand enough about the community, which is why it tends to stay on websites you must register to join (usually with a fee or pictures) or in clubs where admission is not guaranteed if the door staff believe that you are not genuine.

So this event might actually be the perfect place for swingers to go! Yes, there are a number of restrictions in place on admission. For example, single men can attend the festival, but they will make up no more than 10% of the guests and must provide information about the lifestyle sites they are on in order to verify that they are genuine. Phones are not allowed on site, as they can only be used in your tent, and attendees must have I.D. to prove that they are genuine guests.

With ticket sales in excess of 700 in both 2015 and 2016, the creators of this event are expecting it to be huge. Hence the number of rules in place for attendees. But would you go to an event like this if you could? Do you already have tickets to go? We want to hear from you. You can let us know what you think of this festival by leaving a comment in the box below, or simply by voting in the poll.

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