The Escort Scotland Guide to the Aberdeen Escort Industry

The Aberdeen escort industry is one of the biggest growth industries in Scotland today. The growing number of men and women who have decided that this is their preferred line of work, is only matched by the number of clients who are rushing to their doors in the knowledge that they are going to get the companion of their dreams.


Maybe it is the wide range of Aberdeen escorts that have made the industry so popular. There are mature Aberdeen escorts, black Aberdeen escorts, TS Aberdeen escorts plus many other people who cater for the tastes of the lucky Aberdeen punters.

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These punters fall into two distinct categories. There are those who want the full escort experience, where they can maybe go out for a meal, or spend a lovely day walking around Aberdeen. There are also those who prefer to meet these fine companions for half an hour to an hour long appointment. It is all down to personal choice.

The escorts themselves work out of apartments or hotels, and discretion is assured. This is another reason why the Aberdeen escort industry has become so popular. Guys can just go and enjoy themselves without worrying about any comeback.

It has been argued by many punters that the ease of migration to the UK has made Aberdeen a real hotbed of escorts. Different nationalities have made their way to the Scottish shores, giving Scottish clients even more variety when it comes to who they want to see. Once upon if you wanted to meet a hot Ukrainian lady, you would have to go to the Ukraine. Now you just need to make a phone call and get in the car!

Escort Scotland

The emergence of Escort Scotland is another reason for the increased popularity of escorting in Aberdeen. The quality of the website has gained accolades from escorts everywhere.


One major plus has been the review system. It gives punters a chance to read the reviews of the Aberdeen escorts before they meet them. It means that the best escorts will rise to the top of the review rankings. This means that men and women entering the escort industry know that if they put good work in, they will be rewarded. This is a major plus for anyone considering becoming an escort.

Will Aberdeen continue to be as popular with escorts and punters? Though none of us have a crystal ball, I foresee a bright future. The reduced stigma of being an escort, or visiting escorts for that matter has made the climate al lot less stressful. Therefore there are no reasons for the industry to fade away.

A message to all Aberdeen escorts from us all here at Escort Scotland. We salute you!

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